Revolutionary Product KICKS Nicotine Cravings Naturally

Nicotine, including with cigarettes or vaping, is a hook that sets you up for needing more and more as time goes by, like the Covid vaccines and booster shots, the system gets weaker and reliant on it just to function. With nicotine, the body produces less and less dopamine over time on its own, waiting for the drug to push production.

Krave Kicker helps break the physical addiction cycle, which only lasts 3 to 4 days, and after that, it’s good to have some extras for stressful times, when the body needs that dopamine boost to deal with any anxious situation, be it an argument, near auto crash, bad news, etc.

Since Krave Kicker is organic and natural, it’s non-addictive, safe, and effective at boosting dopamine levels so you feel at ease, and it’s a mood elevator so you don’t even think about nicotine cravings.

Check out Krave Kicker at and see for yourself. It’s the ultimate dopamine boost that can get you off nicotine addiction within days.

When the grocery store shelves go bare…

Inflation is now more than obvious, and it stings. It’s just a warning sign of what’s coming, and it could get quite ugly quite soon. Remember at the beginning of the scamdemic when toilet paper flew off the shelves and you couldn’t buy more than a pack at a time? Now it’s about $20 for a pack, and it might double in price this year.

Yet, somehow, not having TP to wipe your butt won’t be the worst of your problems, because you might not even need TP if you don’t have any food to eat.

Most Americans who “store” food don’t even do it “right.” They store corporate junk science “food stuff” that brings little to no nutrition into the body, and if it’s bare survival times, that won’t help them much at all.

Woman Eating Stacks of Donuts January 2003

Even if times are hard now, it’s time to stock up on healthy, storable food, fuel, first aid, emergency lighting, clean water and filters, and even weapons and ammo. The time is now, because when the SHTF, it will be too late, like overnight. You saw the ridiculously LONG lines for gasoline when the northeast pipelines got “hacked.”

So where do you get quality food at decent prices that is nutritious, storable, and delicious? Start at the Health Ranger Store.

100% of the products sold by the Health Ranger Store are personally reviewed and approved by our founder, Mike Adams (the “Health Ranger”).

For all products, we require appropriate documentation (certificate of authenticity, product specification sheet, kosher certification, organic certification, etc.). In addition, every product has been extensively tested by CWC Labs, an ISO-accredited analytical laboratory, using mass spectrometry instruments: ICP-MS, LC-MS-MS and LC-MS-TOF. Current tests include heavy metals, glyphosate and other pesticides. The scope of testing is expanding each year to encompass more pesticides, herbicides and possible chemical contaminants.

All Natural News Store products are non-GMO. All Health Ranger Select products contain no harmful ingredients. We offer USDA organic certified products or ingredients whenever possible. However, in some cases products are actually higher quality when they are “wildcrafted” rather than organic. All products are always accurately labeled with their organic status.

Suppliers who provide us with contaminated items will be placed on probation, and if a second shipment from the same supplier turns up the same contaminants, we will ban that supplier from providing us with products. We have zero tolerance for dishonest suppliers and contaminated products.

Our bulk products are packed in certified packing facilities which are inspected by the USDA for compliance with organic requirements.

Confirmed to be antibiotic free by a third-party laboratory.
Heavy metals are now being found in USDA certified organic foods, superfoods, vitamins, herbs and dietary supplements at alarming levels. Neither the USDA nor the FDA have set any limits on heavy metals in foods and organic foods, meaning that products can contain extremely toxic levels of mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, copper and even tungsten while still being legally sold across the USA. The industry desperately needs a standard, so the CWC Labs developed and published a standard, using a rating system of A+++ to F. For full details, go to:
Confirmed to be pesticide free by a third-party laboratory.
Confirmed to be gluten free by a third-party laboratory.
Confirmed to be non-GMO by a third-party laboratory.
After two years of lab science research, investment and training, we are thrilled to report that we have achieved validated glyphosate testing in our in-house lab. The Health Ranger Store is the first online retailer in the world to test its own brand for glyphosate using in-house laboratory testing.
Confirmed to be rBGH free by a third-party laboratory.
Confirmed to be free of animal products by a third-party laboratory.
This is the official organic designation issued by the United States Department of Agriculture. Raw or processed agricultural products in the “organic” category must meet these criteria: All agricultural ingredients must be certified organic, except where specified on National List. Non-organic ingredients allowed per National List may be used, up to a combined total of five percent of non-organic content (excluding salt and water).
The GMO Guard seal, awarded by National Food Certifiers, guarantees that a final raw material or a single or multi-ingredient product contains no presence of GMO more than the program tolerance level of .05%.
The Apple K seal, awarded by National Food Certifiers, guarantees adherence to Kosher food law.

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2022 Brings a Balanced Mind and Body for You

The human body is fragile, but it can also be very well-equipped. Most people take their body and brain for granted. They don’t examine closely the ingredients in the food they eat, the drinks they drink, the medicine they take, and the things they allow to be injected into their blood.

Most people don’t realize the human body is only as equipped for survival and thriving as the person who owns it equips it. Sounds pretty simple, but most Americans are way off, and even less people are prepared for stress, emergencies, accidents, and new “variants.”

Sure, you could be struck by lightning tomorrow and there would be nothing you could do about it, but you could also be struck by Covid and not be “injured” at all, if you’re prepared. Prepared means your body and mind are ready now, and your fridge and pantry are stocked with supplements, superfoods, whole organic foods, and filtered water.

What do your pantry, fridge and freezer contain, a bunch of FRANKENFOODS that could make any emergency situation even worse?

It’s hard to find organic food that doesn’t still contain some contaminants these days because some of the biggest corporations own organic brands, and they pollute those products with canola oil. Canola oil makes you fat and stupid, and fast. Lab tests prove it.

So where do you shop for the best quality foods, supplements, and storable goods that are GOOD for your body and mind? The Health Ranger Store is a great place to start.

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If you use nicotine and are ready to reclaim your health by quitting, here’s a natural method that really works.

Krave Kicker, a potent vitamin and superfood blend, is now a commercial formula that can help Americans addicted to nicotine to quit smoking or vaping.

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World’s BEST nicotine alternative Krave Kicker – organic liquid shot provides natural dopamine boost

Well, ’tis the season to … QUIT NICOTINE. From stocking stuffers to New Year’s resolutions, people and their cohort smokers want to quit, know it’s time to quit, have tried quitting before, but are ready for something DIFFERENT that works.

Welcome to the World of Krave Kicker, a commercial organic formula that combines superfoods and supplements to quash nicotine cravings for hours, allowing that all crucial physical addiction break from nicotine that comes after 3 to 4 days of cold turkey. After that, it’s all just simple behavior modifications. Who knew?

The ultimate and natural nicotine alternative has launched commercially in America.

First, there was 5-hour Energy, the ultimate B vitamin boost that the world needed so bad, and it came in little tasty liquid “shots.” Boom!

Now, there’s Krave Kicker, the ultimate dopamine boost that the world of smokers and vape enthusiasts need so bad, and it comes in a tasty little 2.5 ounce liquid shot that’s organic, nicotine-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, and tastes great!

Wow. No aftertaste. No mouth burn. No nausea. No indigestion. No addiction. No crash. No hangover. Nothing artificial. No GMOs. No preservatives (those are usually bad for your cells). Shop for Krave Kicker Here.

Clean. Effective. A natural remedy for the cigarette hangover from the “Cigarette Killer” himself. Enjoy a 12-pack of pomegranate or a 12-pack of lemon-lime flavor Krave Kicker, available online only at

Read about the innovative world of functional beverages now infiltrating the nicotine alternative world, so smokers can know about the benefits of a natural way to boost dopamine while balancing the central nervous system. It’s truly revolutionary!

‘Tis the season to … QUIT NICOTINE. From stocking stuffers to New Year’s resolutions, people and their cohort smokers want to quit, know it’s time to quit, have tried quitting before, but are ready for something DIFFERENT that works.

Sources for this press release include:

Shop for Krave Kicker Here

Nicotine drains willpower – so it’s time to kick those “nic fits” naturally and get in shape for Spring and Summer

Over one billion people smoke cigarettes daily, and that’s nearly 1 in every 5 people. Four out of five of those smokers are men. Plus, more than 55 million people vape, and although vaping involves fewer toxins than those nasty cancer sticks, nearly everyone who vapes is still ingesting nicotine, the world’s third-most-addictive drug. Nicotine is brutal punishment for the body over time, and causes systemic damage, as it constricts veins and capillaries, thus limiting the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to vital parts of the body (also increasing risk and severity of Covid by compromising immune function). Got limited endurance? That’s the nicotine. Out of breath frequently, even when you’re not smoking or vaping? That’s the aftermath of nicotine’s chronic damage.

If you’ve tried the nicotine patch or the nicotine gum as a quit method and it failed you miserably, that’s because both still contain nicotine. Why would you try to quit something so addictive by doing more of it? It doesn’t make sense. Keep reading for a different idea.

Are you tired of “nicotine alternatives” that still contain nicotine?

Do you know who manufactures and sells the nicotine patches and gum? Big pharma. Yes, that’s because they know they don’t work to help you quit. Whether you’re trying to kick the habit quickly or over time, less than three percent of people who use patches and/or gum ever quit, because even 4 milligrams of nicotine is enough to keep you addicted, wanting more and more, until you’re back to smoking a pack or two a day, or vaping every 10 to 15 minutes. Would you try to quit an alcohol addiction by sipping on “weak” beer or wine all day? Of course not.

Even exposure to second-hand smoke or exhaled nicotine causes damage to the “non-users.” Nicotine constricts blood vessels, including the ones in your skin. This reduces your blood flow and fingertip skin temperature, causing blood vessels to get even more narrow. Over time, these blood vessels lose flexibility and become stiff. Now imagine what’s happening throughout your body.

The companies selling the nicotine-loaded patch and gum know this. They know your organs and your cells are also depleted of oxygen and nutrients. In turn, your heart rate increases, as well as the size of your heart, in order to meet the need for more oxygen. At this increased rate, less elastic blood vessels make the heart work even harder to pump blood. Nicotine therefore changes the function and structure of your entire oxygen and nutrient delivery system. Wonder why you’re not motivated to exercise, and can’t last very long when you try? Quit wondering, and do something about it.

Drop the nicotine patch, the pills and the nicotine gum, and go natural and clean

Zero nicotine, zero cravings. That’s what a revolutionary new product delivers for nicotine users who want the next step in the evolution of cleaner choices for kicking nicotine cravings. A couple of entrepreneurs invented Krave Kicker, the evolution of nicotine “alternatives” that contains zero nicotine and actually works. Based on peer-reviewed science and clinical research, the superfoods and supplements in this product blend provide a natural dopamine boost without any punishing drugs, chemicals, sugar or artificial sweeteners. It’s the reward the body wants, and it’s a mood elevator that motivates nicotine users to actually exercise, without getting tired so fast.

Like no other product on the market, Krave Kicker offers a clean alternative to nicotine and effective, natural relief from nicotine cravings for hours on end.

Tune your internet dial to and find out more ways to kick nicotine for good and recapture that fountain of youth you enjoyed before you got all wrapped up in the nic fix. You can do it. Spring and Summer are right around the corner. Now is the time to kick those cravings naturally. It’s time to reclaim your brain health, lung health, memory, focus, motivation, circulation, taste and sense of smell. This has been a public service announcement from Natural Health News.

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