Breaking Natural News: GMO labeling about to BECOME REALITY IN CALIFORNIA.


Proposition 37, the GMO labeling bill that’s on the ballot in California, is polling 2-to-1 in favor of passing, the LA Times is now reporting. 61% of registered voters currently support GMO labeling, and only 25% oppose it. Learn more:

California still needs support and to get the news out to all its residents so this passes. Must label GMO. This corn and soy causes cancer, everyone must know. This is a precedent.

Breaking News: GMO labeling about to BECOME REALITY IN CALIFORNIA.


Support the Organic Movement, not the Government’s so called BIOTECH FRONT FOR TOXIC FOOD.

BIOTECH means genetically modifying the food you eat. Your cells can develop cancer and you can die in just one decade from eating this regularly. Tell your friends.



American Medical Association: Suppressor of Natural Remedies?

Nothing’s changed.


The AMA, the FDA, the CDC, and NCI (National Cancer Institute) all work together to suppress natural remedies and push chemical food and medicine, including GMO.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans in America, ailments of native Indians were treated by local doctors in conventional ways. These doctors, now referred to as quacks, resorted to ancient methods of treatments inherited from their forefathers. They were both effective and devoid of side-effects. But with the arrival of Europeans, a new genre of professionals emerged who called themselves regular medical practitioners. They differentiated themselves from the native medicine men by denouncing their ability to treat and alleging that the treatments carried out by them were not scientific. This new genre of European medical practitioners gave birth to the American Medical Association (AMA) which has quite successfully thwarted the conventional methods of treatment by introducing and propagating the usage of chemical-based drugs.

The history of the AMA dates back to 1847 when it was first formed to smother the practice of herbal treatment, homeopathy and other forms of conventional treatment. Since 1847, it has devoted itself to annihilating the “non-regular doctors” and their practices. However, it can be said that the AMA has been successful in its objectives as today most people are inclined towards buying drugs from big pharmaceutical companies rather than traditional and effective measures of treatment. The once head of the AMA, Morris Fishbein, was basically an extortionist who used to extract money to provide the “Seal of Approval” which was the pass to survive in the medical field. Over the decades, the AMA has safeguarded the interests of the pharmaceutical companies rather than protecting the common people from becoming scapegoats.

The infamous AMA “Seal of Approval” is exactly the same situation as we have today with the FDA, where approval of pharmaceutical drugs requires millions of dollars up front, but no real testing is done, and the heads of the FDA are former presidents and vice presidents of pharmaceutical and chemical companies that engineer and market these same untested, dangerous synthetic drugs. Why do doctors who prescribe chemotherapy to patients choose not to take the same treatment when they need to? How do prescription drugs kill one million Americans every decade? These are some questions that will probably go unanswered forever. Thanks to the AMA, the harmless methods of treatment such has homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicines have been reduced to mere laughing stocks for many.

Nothing’s changed. The AMA, the FDA, the CDC, and NCI (National Cancer Institute) all work together to suppress natural remedies and push chemical food and medicine, including GMO.

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Want a case of the Swine Flu for 2012/2013? Just Get a Flu Shot! It’s a 2-for-1 Sickness Special

The seasonal influenza vaccine that was pushed on everyone in 2009 as an “added preventive measure” against H1N1 actually induced H1N1 infection according to shocking new data procured by a flu expert at Canada’s B.C. Centre for Disease Control. So now we know that H1N1 wasn’t just a hoax of an epidemic, it was actually spread out by everybody who got flu shots! Wow. What a country we’re living in. All those parents that think they’re doing the right thing, running their kids up to the pharmacy, or better yet, the grocery store, where any average “jo” nurse can jab a needle in your kids arm, maybe even a few times a year, to add to the chances of getting not only the flu the shot is supposed to defend against, but now it makes the kid more liable to come down with a Big Pharma made bacteria/virus deadly combo infection, that was made in a lab to run up revenue for pharmaceutical firms and cause mass hysteria in the United States.

Then the CDC lied about the number of cases of SWINE FLU and the number of DEATHS, so that everyone would run out and get jabbed with some mercury, aluminum, sorbitol, formaldehyde, bacteria, and whatever else they can think of to keep people sick this winter, and in need of that ALLOPATHIC PRESCRIPTION, which is another botched batch of chemicals to make things worse.

Sounds radical? Sounds like conspiracy theory? Sounds like too much to handle?? Let me tell you what is TOO MUCH TO HANDLE: Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a leading health authority in Europe, says that drug companies “organized a ‘campaign of panic’ to put pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare THE PIG FLU (SWINE) a pandemic. He believes it is “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century,: and he has called for an inquiry.” (,2933,582749,00.html)

That’s right, the swine flu lie is back, and in full swing for 2012/2013! While you’re all caught up watching election coverage and helping your kids with homework, the United States Medicine Industry is behind closed doors, planning your sickness, and planning how to drain your pockets while infecting your body.  Learn more:

Natural News is always on top of the lies, the scams, the flu shots, the vaccines, the toxic jabs. The Health Ranger is constantly calling out the next “fake poison control campaign,” and showing the masses when, where, why and how to find the truth and stay healthy. Mike Adams has continuing coverage of the SWINE FLU HOAX and how to avoid it.

Natural News is like the “Mother Jones” of Health News

The path to the truth is at YOUR FINGERTIPS. The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, is like the Mother Jones of Health News, he reports the truth with that FLYING IN YOUR FACE mentality, and the more important the news, the more urgency its delivered with.

Daring to tell the truth about chemicals in food is Mike. Daring to tell the truth about when the Feds raid innocent organic farmer’s homes and businesses and throw them in jail cells with no due rights. Daring to tell the truth about herbalists who sell legal herbs that cure disease and prevent cancer, herbalists in American prisons now, for doing nothing – nothing but healing people. Watch the news. Read the news. Get the news on line, then watch your tv and see them lie, see mainstream lie about the topics you already know the REAL DEAL ON! It’s amazing what good Journalism and the sharing of information with instant accessibility, anytime, anywhere, can do for the TRUTH SEEKERS!

Watch for upcoming videos of Mike Adams on Prison Planet. Listen when he hosts the radio show for Alex Jones. These are the pioneers of good health in a GMO world gone mad.

This just in from Prison
September 21, 2012

A shocking new study conducted by French scientists that shows that rats fed on Monsanto’s genetically modified corn suffered cancer and premature death has been met with a furious response in order to discredit its findings. But the results are OUT AND VALID: 50 percent of male and 70 percent of female rats fed on a diet containing NK603 – a genetically modified corn produced by Monsanto – or those exposed to Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller – suffered tumors and multiple organ damage, causing them to die prematurely.

Duration   entire lifespan of rats 700 days

Anything previously has only tested 90 days

Severe adverse effects after 4 months!!  Escalated from there on, that’s why the rest of the studies done missed the impact entirely!

GM corn is being fed to animals bred for consumption!!

RoundUp used on a huge scale


The Health Ranger Mike Adams alerting world about GMO

Top all that off with the fact that GMO crops ARE ALL WATERED with SODIUM FLUORIDE TOXIC WATER:

Get the news. Get the natural news fast. Live it. Learn it. Be it. Survive. Thrive. Be Natural, not GMO humanoids!

Shocking Health Discoveries Exposed on Natural News; Agent Orange in Food?!

This is a fight, a day in the life of battling cancer causing food going unlabeled in the USA; a fight over Agent Orange ingredients hidden in 90% of our food.
Today is like yesterday, and the day before, in that you will be shocked to read what is transpiring in the war – and I’m not talking about the war in the Middle East. No, this is the war on Food Terror, the war on Toxic Food Terror. 

Everyday the ugliness rears its head, and fortunately, Natural News has the coverage, the insight, the interviews that shine light on the organic path, the one that’s free and clear of disease inducing food, water, medicine, and more.

Politics will sometimes spit in your face – they will tell you the most dangerous things in the world are safe, and they will promote others as healthy and nutritious. These are sometimes the most dangerous toxins on the planet, and in 2012, we are reaching a pinnacle, where pharmaceuticals are a leading killer, running side by side with vegetables that cause cancer. Today we see history being repeated, and in the worst way.

There was a time when manufacturers of toxic pesticides DDT and Agent Orange claimed they were “completely safe” for human exposure, and then thousands of soldiers from Vietnam came home with cancer that ate them alive, right down to the bone. Check this out!

Quoted Australian soldier speaking about Agent Orange, “Grass and leaves turn to gray powder, and no animals live.” In a youtube video, the narration goes a little like this:
“Long after the war ended for us, the unpopular legacy of Vietnam continued to haunt the soldiers, who felt ostracised, and then cursed, when it was proved that they could have cancer from their service. And then their Government denied it happened. The soldiers then proved it did. Agent Orange is one of four main chemical defoliants used by the Americans during the Vietnam War. Their purpose was two-fold: To deny the enemy concealed approaches to allied bases, and to provide observation and fields of fire so that allied units could see what they were shooting at. Suffice it to say of Agent Orange that it contains dioxin, one of the most potent carcinogenics known to man.”

Today, the same companies that made Agent Orange are claiming GMO is safe and there is no need to disclose GM ingredients or presence on labels. In a new television ad provided on Natural News, the “Yes on 37” campaign to mandate GMO labeling on foods sold in California, you’ll see the DECEPTIVE MARKETING at work, the same type of marketing that promoted Camel Cigarettes as healthy, tricking the general public using Doctors who talked about their favorite brands, and how smoking was good for digestion.

They educated America to smoke for good health. They are educating America to eat DDT daily. Americans are being educated that Agent Orange ingredients are healthy and safe in vegetables, in fruit, in the feed that cattle get, in the feed that chickens get to eat, in the feed that turkeys eat, in the feed that PIGS EAT. Yeah, that’s right, all you BACON LOVERS, you’re eating pesticide. America says smoke for good health in the 1930’s, and eat GMO for good health in 2012. It’s more of the same. Monsanto and DuPont are the 2 corporations most responsible for foisting toxic DDT and Agent Orange on the world.

Are you wondering now about that FAKE WAR ON CANCER? Did you march for the cure this summer, and give some money to some FAKE ORGANIZATIONS who are not searching for the cure. The cure is to stop eating chemicals, not for some scientist in a lab to figure out how to get the AGENT ORANGE out of your blood, your liver, your kidneys, your prostate, your bladder, your colon, or out of your SMOKE FILLED LUNGS.

Why do people read Natural News? Because the Health Ranger speaks for the People, not the corporations

Click onto Natural News at any given moment, and you will NOT FIND advertising for corporate products, with their flashing ads and pop ups that invade the screen and try to sell you lies. No, instead, click onto Natural News at any given moment, with its 4,000,000 followers, and get some DOWN TO EARTH TRUTH on natural food, food that is free of chemicals. Check out the videos and the podcasts and you know right where you’re heading. Into a free world of information about your GOOD HEALTH, instead of a world where companies lie to you with catchy advertising and lead you to buy toxic products and toxic produce! That’s right, Mike Adams of Natural News shines the light, 24/7/365 and has been for more than a decade. He brightens the path for the people, the people who want to enjoy their lives instead of giving their hard earned money to corporations that want you sick.

The internet can be your newspaper. The internet can be your television, free of commercials. It’s great to have a pioneer like Mike Adams, who exhausts himself investigating and reporting on new cures for disease, new Superfoods, and new strategies for survival and “Surthrival” in the 21st century.

Track the Health Ranger, Mike Adams!

Who else shares ALL NATURAL ways to quit smoking with millions of smokers?

Who else shares ALL NATURAL ways to live to be 110?

Who else shares hundreds of professional videos for free on how to live an organic lifestyle. Who else educates the masses daily on the GMO and biotech invasion of chemicals in vegetables, fruits, and meat and dairy??

Where do you find breaking news that exposes the Mainstream media news, which is chock full of lies and deception, daily??!

Regulars at Natural News follow more than a dozen reporters who get the inside scoop from whistleblowers, people who have lived inside the nightmare of producing goods and medicine that kill the public slowly, but are mislabeled, and mislead you to consume cancer causing food? The wrong food can kill you. The wrong medicine can kill you.

The Health Ranger speaks to people. He’s not paid off by big corporations to run ads for crap that poisons your body and mind.

Watch any news show on tv, or “The Doctors,” or some major talk show, any one of ‘em, and you will notice the commercials are for Psychotic drugs for minor conditions – drugs that have side effects like internal bleeding, loss of vision, nausea, sleeplessness, nightmares, and feelings of suicide. That’s medicine?? If any natural food or organic product had side effects like that, it would be illegal and shut down OVERNIGHT!

Mike Adams represents everything that is HOLISTIC in this world, and he shares it with the masses just as fast as he learns it. Ever seen President Bill Clinton give a long speech? He doesn’t use a teleprompter, and he barely ever glances down at his notes. He is so well versed and cohesive in his sharing of knowledge that it just flows and reveals that he has synthesized a lot of information and delivered it smoothly. This is how Mike Adams functions. Just watch some of his videos and the health films he has been featured in, and you will learn a WEALTH of information in a short period of time, every time.

Track Natural News via this blog. I am tracking this modern health genius, and I am reporting the truth also.

Mayor Bloomberg insane or paid off; he’s Aspartame-Supersizing New York!

Natural News has the whole story on this! In New York City, where Mayor Bloomberg oversaw a large-sized soda ban that just became law, instead of actually educating New Yorkers about the dangers of HFCS and phosphoric acid — two of the primary health-destroying ingredients in sodas — they pull a nanny state / police state fast one and criminalize the selling of those sodas. Now the city needs to create a soda prohibition task force to hunt down soda sellers and infiltrate their operations. No more 16 ounce plus Big Gulp sodas sweetened with genetically modified corn and loaded with Aspartame, and all that toxic caramel coloring. Wow, that should really put a halt on obesity. Good work Mayor!

Choice in New York is now a choice that has been subliminally altered, because you are in line at the store and everything you see as a “CHOICE” is toxic to your body and mind. But half the population is thinking inside the box. So they reach for that SODA, gotta have that SODA. Oh, and some gum and those mints, and those BBQ chips or those Doritioe! Or maybe it’s just you’re kids who are begging you for some or ALL OF THOSE.

Picture yourself at the store waiting to pay for something. Nearly every shelf at the checkout counter is loaded Aspartame. All the gum and breath mints. And I’m not just talking about sugar free stuff. I mean everything. Go to any major grocery chain, every major drug store “outlet,” and look to your right while you’re waiting in line to pay and there they are the elephants in the room, the poison for your mouth.

If you’re at the checkout and let’s say you buy a pack of regular gum that’s not sugar-free, and you also pick up some breathe mints. You have just bought yourself a slight consistent head ache for the next week, and a constant “pinging” on your central nervous system, which is kind of like Chinese Water Torture, because it doesn’t really hurt at first, but give it a few hours, heck a few days, and you’re screaming cause you just can’t “take it” anymore. Yep. We’ve all felt that way sometimes, you’re surely not alone in that boat, but the difference is YOU’RE BUYING IT!  I may happen upon it by accident, or it may catch me off guard once in a while, when those products invade my organic world, but you are paying dollars for pain, suffering, and eventually, disease.

Now check your bag of groceries for MSG, you know that migraine headache causing criminal with a dozen different names … cause I bet some is in your bag of chips and sauces, the ranch “all natural” salad dressing and the deli meats. Monosodium glutamate is sending you back to the store for HEADACHE MEDICINE. Bayer. Tylenol. Advil. And probably more SODA to wash it down. Whatever numbs the numbing. Whatever kills the pain for the moment, right?

When will you make that change, to never chew gum or eat candy which contains toxins?

Seek out your local vitamin shops or health food stores for gum and candy which doesn’t contain chemicals. Find chips and raw nuts that don’t contain MSG.

Follow the Health Ranger as this develops. I’m sure you’ll learn a ton about laws that are coming to your own city or town soon. Ones that do affect what you do, even if you don’t chew CRAZY GUM. Even if you don’t consume MIGRAINE BOOSTER autolyzed yeast! read more on this now.

Sometimes MSG is hidden in food with labels that say “No Added MSG,” “No MSG Added,” and “No MSG.” Let me tell you now, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extract, autolyzed yeast extract, and gelatin always contain MSG.