Natural News special: New War Vet speaks out about military getting too many toxic jabs (vaccines)

“Take a deeper look down the ‘rabbit hole'” said one Facebook poster to the original USA Today article. “I am a disabled vet myself. All the stuff they shot into us, the chemicals. We’re walking guinea pigs for every pharma/bioweapon coming down the pike. These ‘wars’ are unnecessary.”  So let’s dial it back. Dial this thing back 7 decades, because it was just 70 years ago when Americans started believing that vaccines cured diseases, and the legend of the injection churns on and rolls over innocents like tractors over bugs. All accross the country, people are getting the “TOXIC JAB” and thinking they’re better off, when they are WORSE OFF. Imagine the military going to fight over seas and they can’t refuse the vaccinations, and they certainly get an “arm full” of them when going to more than one country, and so the ALUMINUM, MERCURY, SORBITOL, FORMALDEHYDE, and all those LIVE AND “DEAD” VIRUSES, wow, does it all really add up fast.

Doctors and scientists have discovered many physical characteristics of  aging found in older adults in veterans who are in their 20’s and 30’s! These are veterans of the two useless wars that have been conveniently combined into one now. Many of the forces did not come home, but simply got shifted over from Iraq to Afganhistan, maybe with a short leave in between. The vaccine overload is overwhelming their systems and leading to advanced aging. Why?

Think about this, vaccines, whether they do or don’t cure disease has now become a mute point. Regardless of whether they do or not, VACCINES ARE LOADED WITH TOXINS, toxins that give kids autism, toxins that make young girls go into anaphalactic shock and sometimes instant coma (HPV vaccines).

If you were to get the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella), a swine flu shot, a booster shot, and HPV shot, and maybe top it off with a West Nile Virus “doozie,” you could die. This is a neurological nightmare for your body, and it’s getting worse every year.

Veterans combine the toxic jabs with diet sodas containing aspartame. Some military come home with PTS and this compounds the issues. Others are wounded and recovering physically, mentally, and spiritually, so add the toxic cocktails of different vaccines to that and it makes recovery more difficult, if possible at all without the proper nutrition and guidance.

Veterans love Natural News and the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, because he is relentless in his investigation of the truth about medicine, and he always offers positive solutions to new and “old” problems with the “good, bad and ugly” food and medicine world we find ourselves living in the middle of today.


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