Mayor Bloomberg insane or paid off; he’s Aspartame-Supersizing New York!

Natural News has the whole story on this! In New York City, where Mayor Bloomberg oversaw a large-sized soda ban that just became law, instead of actually educating New Yorkers about the dangers of HFCS and phosphoric acid — two of the primary health-destroying ingredients in sodas — they pull a nanny state / police state fast one and criminalize the selling of those sodas. Now the city needs to create a soda prohibition task force to hunt down soda sellers and infiltrate their operations. No more 16 ounce plus Big Gulp sodas sweetened with genetically modified corn and loaded with Aspartame, and all that toxic caramel coloring. Wow, that should really put a halt on obesity. Good work Mayor!

Choice in New York is now a choice that has been subliminally altered, because you are in line at the store and everything you see as a “CHOICE” is toxic to your body and mind. But half the population is thinking inside the box. So they reach for that SODA, gotta have that SODA. Oh, and some gum and those mints, and those BBQ chips or those Doritioe! Or maybe it’s just you’re kids who are begging you for some or ALL OF THOSE.

Picture yourself at the store waiting to pay for something. Nearly every shelf at the checkout counter is loaded Aspartame. All the gum and breath mints. And I’m not just talking about sugar free stuff. I mean everything. Go to any major grocery chain, every major drug store “outlet,” and look to your right while you’re waiting in line to pay and there they are the elephants in the room, the poison for your mouth.

If you’re at the checkout and let’s say you buy a pack of regular gum that’s not sugar-free, and you also pick up some breathe mints. You have just bought yourself a slight consistent head ache for the next week, and a constant “pinging” on your central nervous system, which is kind of like Chinese Water Torture, because it doesn’t really hurt at first, but give it a few hours, heck a few days, and you’re screaming cause you just can’t “take it” anymore. Yep. We’ve all felt that way sometimes, you’re surely not alone in that boat, but the difference is YOU’RE BUYING IT!  I may happen upon it by accident, or it may catch me off guard once in a while, when those products invade my organic world, but you are paying dollars for pain, suffering, and eventually, disease.

Now check your bag of groceries for MSG, you know that migraine headache causing criminal with a dozen different names … cause I bet some is in your bag of chips and sauces, the ranch “all natural” salad dressing and the deli meats. Monosodium glutamate is sending you back to the store for HEADACHE MEDICINE. Bayer. Tylenol. Advil. And probably more SODA to wash it down. Whatever numbs the numbing. Whatever kills the pain for the moment, right?

When will you make that change, to never chew gum or eat candy which contains toxins?

Seek out your local vitamin shops or health food stores for gum and candy which doesn’t contain chemicals. Find chips and raw nuts that don’t contain MSG.

Follow the Health Ranger as this develops. I’m sure you’ll learn a ton about laws that are coming to your own city or town soon. Ones that do affect what you do, even if you don’t chew CRAZY GUM. Even if you don’t consume MIGRAINE BOOSTER autolyzed yeast! read more on this now.

Sometimes MSG is hidden in food with labels that say “No Added MSG,” “No MSG Added,” and “No MSG.” Let me tell you now, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extract, autolyzed yeast extract, and gelatin always contain MSG.


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