Why do people read Natural News? Because the Health Ranger speaks for the People, not the corporations

Click onto Natural News at any given moment, and you will NOT FIND advertising for corporate products, with their flashing ads and pop ups that invade the screen and try to sell you lies. No, instead, click onto Natural News at any given moment, with its 4,000,000 followers, and get some DOWN TO EARTH TRUTH on natural food, food that is free of chemicals. Check out the videos and the podcasts and you know right where you’re heading. Into a free world of information about your GOOD HEALTH, instead of a world where companies lie to you with catchy advertising and lead you to buy toxic products and toxic produce! That’s right, Mike Adams of Natural News shines the light, 24/7/365 and has been for more than a decade. He brightens the path for the people, the people who want to enjoy their lives instead of giving their hard earned money to corporations that want you sick. http://www.naturalnews.com/index.html

The internet can be your newspaper. The internet can be your television, free of commercials. It’s great to have a pioneer like Mike Adams, who exhausts himself investigating and reporting on new cures for disease, new Superfoods, and new strategies for survival and “Surthrival” in the 21st century. https://programs.naturalnews.com/Preparedness-Self-Defense-Health-Ranger.html

Track the Health Ranger, Mike Adams!

Who else shares ALL NATURAL ways to quit smoking with millions of smokers?


Who else shares ALL NATURAL ways to live to be 110?


Who else shares hundreds of professional videos for free on how to live an organic lifestyle. Who else educates the masses daily on the GMO and biotech invasion of chemicals in vegetables, fruits, and meat and dairy??

Where do you find breaking news that exposes the Mainstream media news, which is chock full of lies and deception, daily??!


Regulars at Natural News follow more than a dozen reporters who get the inside scoop from whistleblowers, people who have lived inside the nightmare of producing goods and medicine that kill the public slowly, but are mislabeled, and mislead you to consume cancer causing food? The wrong food can kill you. The wrong medicine can kill you.

The Health Ranger speaks to people. He’s not paid off by big corporations to run ads for crap that poisons your body and mind.

Watch any news show on tv, or “The Doctors,” or some major talk show, any one of ‘em, and you will notice the commercials are for Psychotic drugs for minor conditions – drugs that have side effects like internal bleeding, loss of vision, nausea, sleeplessness, nightmares, and feelings of suicide. That’s medicine?? If any natural food or organic product had side effects like that, it would be illegal and shut down OVERNIGHT!

Mike Adams represents everything that is HOLISTIC in this world, and he shares it with the masses just as fast as he learns it. Ever seen President Bill Clinton give a long speech? He doesn’t use a teleprompter, and he barely ever glances down at his notes. He is so well versed and cohesive in his sharing of knowledge that it just flows and reveals that he has synthesized a lot of information and delivered it smoothly. This is how Mike Adams functions. Just watch some of his videos and the health films he has been featured in, and you will learn a WEALTH of information in a short period of time, every time.

Track Natural News via this blog. I am tracking this modern health genius, and I am reporting the truth also.


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