Shocking Health Discoveries Exposed on Natural News; Agent Orange in Food?!

This is a fight, a day in the life of battling cancer causing food going unlabeled in the USA; a fight over Agent Orange ingredients hidden in 90% of our food.
Today is like yesterday, and the day before, in that you will be shocked to read what is transpiring in the war – and I’m not talking about the war in the Middle East. No, this is the war on Food Terror, the war on Toxic Food Terror. 

Everyday the ugliness rears its head, and fortunately, Natural News has the coverage, the insight, the interviews that shine light on the organic path, the one that’s free and clear of disease inducing food, water, medicine, and more.

Politics will sometimes spit in your face – they will tell you the most dangerous things in the world are safe, and they will promote others as healthy and nutritious. These are sometimes the most dangerous toxins on the planet, and in 2012, we are reaching a pinnacle, where pharmaceuticals are a leading killer, running side by side with vegetables that cause cancer. Today we see history being repeated, and in the worst way.

There was a time when manufacturers of toxic pesticides DDT and Agent Orange claimed they were “completely safe” for human exposure, and then thousands of soldiers from Vietnam came home with cancer that ate them alive, right down to the bone. Check this out!

Quoted Australian soldier speaking about Agent Orange, “Grass and leaves turn to gray powder, and no animals live.” In a youtube video, the narration goes a little like this:
“Long after the war ended for us, the unpopular legacy of Vietnam continued to haunt the soldiers, who felt ostracised, and then cursed, when it was proved that they could have cancer from their service. And then their Government denied it happened. The soldiers then proved it did. Agent Orange is one of four main chemical defoliants used by the Americans during the Vietnam War. Their purpose was two-fold: To deny the enemy concealed approaches to allied bases, and to provide observation and fields of fire so that allied units could see what they were shooting at. Suffice it to say of Agent Orange that it contains dioxin, one of the most potent carcinogenics known to man.”

Today, the same companies that made Agent Orange are claiming GMO is safe and there is no need to disclose GM ingredients or presence on labels. In a new television ad provided on Natural News, the “Yes on 37” campaign to mandate GMO labeling on foods sold in California, you’ll see the DECEPTIVE MARKETING at work, the same type of marketing that promoted Camel Cigarettes as healthy, tricking the general public using Doctors who talked about their favorite brands, and how smoking was good for digestion.

They educated America to smoke for good health. They are educating America to eat DDT daily. Americans are being educated that Agent Orange ingredients are healthy and safe in vegetables, in fruit, in the feed that cattle get, in the feed that chickens get to eat, in the feed that turkeys eat, in the feed that PIGS EAT. Yeah, that’s right, all you BACON LOVERS, you’re eating pesticide. America says smoke for good health in the 1930’s, and eat GMO for good health in 2012. It’s more of the same. Monsanto and DuPont are the 2 corporations most responsible for foisting toxic DDT and Agent Orange on the world.

Are you wondering now about that FAKE WAR ON CANCER? Did you march for the cure this summer, and give some money to some FAKE ORGANIZATIONS who are not searching for the cure. The cure is to stop eating chemicals, not for some scientist in a lab to figure out how to get the AGENT ORANGE out of your blood, your liver, your kidneys, your prostate, your bladder, your colon, or out of your SMOKE FILLED LUNGS.


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