Natural News is like the “Mother Jones” of Health News

The path to the truth is at YOUR FINGERTIPS. The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, is like the Mother Jones of Health News, he reports the truth with that FLYING IN YOUR FACE mentality, and the more important the news, the more urgency its delivered with.

Daring to tell the truth about chemicals in food is Mike. Daring to tell the truth about when the Feds raid innocent organic farmer’s homes and businesses and throw them in jail cells with no due rights. Daring to tell the truth about herbalists who sell legal herbs that cure disease and prevent cancer, herbalists in American prisons now, for doing nothing – nothing but healing people. Watch the news. Read the news. Get the news on line, then watch your tv and see them lie, see mainstream lie about the topics you already know the REAL DEAL ON! It’s amazing what good Journalism and the sharing of information with instant accessibility, anytime, anywhere, can do for the TRUTH SEEKERS!

Watch for upcoming videos of Mike Adams on Prison Planet. Listen when he hosts the radio show for Alex Jones. These are the pioneers of good health in a GMO world gone mad.

This just in from Prison
September 21, 2012

A shocking new study conducted by French scientists that shows that rats fed on Monsanto’s genetically modified corn suffered cancer and premature death has been met with a furious response in order to discredit its findings. But the results are OUT AND VALID: 50 percent of male and 70 percent of female rats fed on a diet containing NK603 – a genetically modified corn produced by Monsanto – or those exposed to Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller – suffered tumors and multiple organ damage, causing them to die prematurely.

Duration   entire lifespan of rats 700 days

Anything previously has only tested 90 days

Severe adverse effects after 4 months!!  Escalated from there on, that’s why the rest of the studies done missed the impact entirely!

GM corn is being fed to animals bred for consumption!!

RoundUp used on a huge scale


The Health Ranger Mike Adams alerting world about GMO

Top all that off with the fact that GMO crops ARE ALL WATERED with SODIUM FLUORIDE TOXIC WATER:

Get the news. Get the natural news fast. Live it. Learn it. Be it. Survive. Thrive. Be Natural, not GMO humanoids!


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