NEW YORK not exactly prepared for POST-SANDY LOOTERS

Remember Hurricane Katrina, and how it took George W. Idiot weeks to send help?! Of course, that’s not what’s happening in New   York tonight and tomorrow, or is it? Of course the NYPD blue are ready. But how many NYPD blue are there, in ratio to the number of looters that are on jet ski’s, and in boats, and swimming around in the night in wetsuits, stealing?

Who dares report that there aren’t enough National Guard ready?

Who dares to tell the truth about racial inequality and “too little too late” mentality?

Who exposes the fact that the government spends too little on the people and too much on the big wastes, like war and the pentagon?

Who writes about how the welfare of the innocents is at stake, day in day out, even in the face of tragedy, like hurricane Sandy?


Natural News.

The Health Ranger Mike Adams.

Alex Jones

Natural News Reporters

Natural News Journalists

Natural News podcasts

Natural News breaking video clips!

“How dare we report the truth! In fact, how dare weathermen report the approaching hurricane at all! That’s too negative! All the weather reports should be positive! Tomorrow’s forecast is sunny with no clouds, and that’s the official forecast every day from here forward, okay?”

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Where do you keep up with the scams, the shams, the fraud, the lies, so you don’t fall for them, or get attacked by them, or sick from them, or devastated by them?

mainstream media denial:

How is this all down played? How does the media keep it stupid simple and tragic? Nature attacks and the media reacts. Nature attacks and the government waits. The corporations fail and the government saves. The banks fail and the government saves. The car industry goes under and the government saves. But wait, a hurricane with a weeks prediction of hitting Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, DC, New Jersey, and New York, let’s wait and see what happens after, then we’ll sit around and talk about it for a week or so, until we can “see the damage,” so we don’t waste money, right???   Instead of just pre-shipping in food, clean water, organic food (a prayer), medicine, and

5 – 10,000 national guard troops, hey, let’s do the right thing for these people, after all, the aforementioned costs less than a day in the government’s precious war in Afghanistan!

But when Natural News exposes the whole charade, and publications such as The Atlantic Wire accuse Matt Drudge of “stirring up a panic” by reporting the news that Twitter users are actively recruiting “looting gangs” to exploit the post-storm situation, oh that’s too much!

Yep, it’s all Drudge’s fault for actually reporting the news. How dare journalists tell the truth about looters! That story, by the way, was originally posted at, an alternative news organization that’s routinely attacked for reporting the truth.

Let’s do the right thing …

The truth. Natural News. Untainted News. Get the scoop.!/2012/10/monsanto-writes-its-own-fda-quote-to.html




The End of Fast Food and the New Reign of Organic Vegetables!

More than 6 of every 10 deaths are from one of the BIG FOUR; heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity (according to W.H.O.). Those 6 of 10 eat the wrong foods and basically kill themselves slowly, but America lives in denial for the most part, and the media wants you to believe you can eat whatever you want, and then just get a shot, a pill, or some chemo and hope for the best.

Let’s see, should you eat organic plants, fruits, nuts and seeds and live a healthy life past 100 years, or should you eat fast food, hfcs, aspartame, msg, and get flu shots and toxic vaccines and die from one or more of the BIG FOUR? Maybe you should drink some fluoridated, aluminum laced water your whole life and wonder how you got Alzheimer’s (no pun intended).

Maybe you could eat calcium supplements every day and wonder why you have brittle bones? How does some Osteoporosis sound?

Maybe better, you could eat some bleached food, like white rice, white sugar, white bread, white flour, table salt, white pasta, and then wonder why you have Arthritis and Muscle Deterioration!

Hmmmmmmmmm, what to feed the kids? What’s good for pregnant mothers?

Hmmmmmmmmm, what to eat on the run, on the road trip, in the big hurry, in the breakroom at work when you forget to pack a decent lunch?

What to have for dessert? Is it colored all pretty with food coloring?

Where did your chips and salsa come from, GMO corn and tomatoes?

Chronic Illness is a Daily Decision:

Studies over the past two decades have proven, with solid evidence that plant based foods dramatically lowers the incidence of disease. Let me say that again, plants lower disease dramatically. Not by a few percent, or once in a blue moon, we’re talking dramatically. Well, vaccines don’t do that! Sometimes they increase disease. Have you ever gotten the flu from a flu shot? People get the small pox from the vaccine sometimes. Why stick your neck out like that. Is the best way to avoid a bad accident to almost get in one on purpose? Or to get in a small accident and hope it doesn’t turn out to be a bad one?

Plant-based diets are effective at warding off disease.

Processed foods promote disease. Sugar, grease, meat, milk, and candy usually come in toxic forms for the masses. They are engineered to make you sick. It’s not that people, by chance, happen upon something that tastes good but is bad for you. 90% of all food in all stores in America create and breed disease.

Where do you find the other 10% of food that does NOT cause disease, but rather beats disease down, prevents it, cures it, and wins the health war? In your organic garden, at the farmer’s market, and at your local healthfood stores.

Learn more about food for the cures: Follow Mike Adams the Health Ranger from Natural News and you will understand the tools of transformation, to take yourself from bad food to good food, from GMO to Organic:

Certified organic food is cheaper than cancer medications and chemo.

A natural diet of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and no more than 10 percent of calories from organic meats are the key to prevent chronic disease and early mortality.

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Natural News issues consumer alert!

Adya Clarity imported as battery acid

and sold for internal consumption – WATCH OUT:

Is Organic Milk Illegal? What if it’s Raw?

Aajonus Vonderplanitz PhD, key informant in prosecution of Sharon Palmer and James Stewart, found to have faked academic credentials

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The TOXIC TRUTH Behind ”Cheap” Multivitamins! A Natural News Exclusive Inside Story

Multivitamins are good for health, but if you take them continually then you can end up harming the defenses of your body more than strengthening them. Wondering how this is possible? Well, too much of anything isn’t good, and if that “too much” artificial, well, then you have real problems, like nutrient deficiency, which can lead to 900 different diseases. Wait, you hadn’t heard? Here’s the scoop. The inside scoop from Natural News and the Health Ranger, Mike Adams. Why do his 4 million followers live long, happy, healthy lives? They don’t eat fake vitamins, for starters:

These days’ people hardly eat any natural vegetables or fresh fruits. Their diet instead consists of supplements and pills which act as a source of vitamins and minerals for their body. What happens is that their body loses its power to produce or extract these nutrients on its own and thus results in a weakened immune system. Taking vitamins is, of course, good for fighting cancer and other chronic ailments but that needs to be done naturally and not with the help of some artificial ingredients.

Stay informed about the facts behind cheap multivitamins

According to ‘new research’ conducted of nearly 15,000 men over the age of 50, taking a daily supplemental multivitamin could reduce rates of cancer by about eight percent. This is motivation enough for common men and women to take a regular dose of One-A-Day or Centrum. And this is definitely reason enough for Natural News to believe that the research is a paid one considering the following revelations.

Let’s take a look at what goes into making these so called multivitamins which are meant to help you fight diseases:

  • Synthetic sweeteners like aspartame and sorbitol
  • Talc
  • Gelatin: ground up animal tissue, waste, and infected GMO animals not suited for food
  • Cooked vitamins: dead vitamins are of no use to the body

There is only one way by which big pharma will love to misinform and mislead people – by using their ignorance and making them do the right thing in the wrong way! So, there is only one way you could hope to protect yourself from this web of lies – stay informed about the facts behind cheap multivitamins.





“Enerfood” is the best Superfood!



Protect your family with the ultimate superfood;


 Also check out Turmeric benefits, which are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING


Turmeric is one of the most researched natural remedies of modern science! 


Why? Turmeric is routinely used as a key spice in many South Asian and Middle Eastern nations and is even heavily embedded into Ayurvedic, a traditional system of medicine that originated thousands of years ago! Many traditional systems of medicine have recognized the ginger family relative known as turmeric as a ‘spice powerhouse’ of sorts. Check out tumeric benefits: This high quality natural remedy for healthy living can be found at the new Natural News Store:


“Red Bull” & “Monster Energy” drinks lead to Monster Health Problems: caffeine dose equal to 14 Cups of Coffee!

Got chronic fatigue? Seeking rapid energy boost? Have you read the latest FDA reports on injury and death from energy drinks? No? Let’s look!

More and more reports are streaming in, one of a Maryland girl who died not long after sucking down two cans of Monster Energy. And you’re probably guessing, she drank them real fast, but it was within a 24 hour period. Have you had your 24 cups of coffee today?

The girl’s parents say the drinks triggered cardiac arrhythmia from caffeine toxicity.

 cardiac arrhythmia

Chalk that up with 5 other death reports since 2009 associated with energy drinks.

There are 480 Milligrams of Caffeine in 2 Cans of these energy drinks. That’s the same as drinking 14 cans of Coke in a day! Still, that seems like a drop in the bucket, 5 deaths, compared to 30 million people who died thanks to FDA-approved pharmaceuticals since 1998. Where’s that report on “Doctor Oz” or “The Doctors”???  That’s 100,000 people every year! There’s a war on drugs. The war to make bad ones and make them legal and have doctors scribble out orders for all the suckers. There’s a war on drugs. The war to keep sick people sick who are seeking help – people seeking help from their chronic ailments caused by toxic ASPARTAME gum and candy, FROM MSG in their food, from Monster Energy and Red Bull. There’s the war on drugs, the one to label GMO in the USA. There’s the real war on drugs. To never believe what the media tells you is medicine.


A REALISTIC LOOK at the Health Hazards Related to GMO Products

Being healthy is one of the most common needs and rights of each and every individual. However, this right is not enjoyed by people in reality.

We think what we eat and drink is all safe and non-toxic but this is not what the truth is, it is exactly the opposite. More than 80% of the entire range of packaged food and beverage products available in the market contains huge amounts of toxic substances, which consuming can lead to loss of eye sight or other health related issues.

The amount of GMOs in all products being sold on the market is quite surprising. The big companies and food industries that sell their products on the market and maintain a monopoly over it are known for selling such harmful products. It carries injurious substances that can lead to ill health and invites several diseases in the human body. Even the pharmaceutical products that are used by humans in these modern days may be harmful for their health and wellness.

The side effects of these can be many. People affected by these chemicals can become blind; mentally ill or even develop suicidal tendencies and feelings. The urban and rural areas are not able to come up with any solution to avoid the disastrous side effects of these chemicals that may take place in the near future leading to a great epidemic in the world. The absence of clean and pure water and good food is leading the world towards a dark future for the children of the new generation. The overload of toxic materials in the environment will affect the mental and physical conditions of each and every individual in the world.

Daniel Vitalis, a well reputed scientist of this sector, who shares interesting facts about water and food, has also expressed different concepts related to various health issues that can help people get informed about the sector and be well informed about the kind of hazardous products and items they are being exposed to in their everyday life.

The information shared by the Health Ranger is shocking but helps in enriching the knowledge about the harmful effects of these products, so that people can take necessary steps to avoid these and lead a safe and healthy life.

(Source: Podcasts

Plus, check out this breaking natural news story about organic farming and loss of rights and freedom for it:


“Get awakened to the rigged system” – Say NO to GMOs and vaccines! – A Natural News Exclusive

GMOs cause cancer, just ask the lab rats! No politician will even mention GMO or nutrition as a topic to talk about. Only healthcare – that CHRONIC SYMPTOM CARE SYSTEM THAT FAILS AMERICA EVERY DAY.

Much has been said (and too little done) about things that are out there, playing their scripted role in zombifying you. Starting right from indoctrinated education systems in public schools, to corporate driven vaccines and chemical food, to rigged media, financial and political systems – every aspect of an average American’s life has become an object of experiment where so called ‘facts’ are presented with a set purpose of attaining financial gains at the cost of health and well-being. This is the “house,’’ much like a casino house and the rule is similar as well – the house always wins! So, what are your chances against this rigged system?

There’s one small thing you can start off with – don’t support it. Sounds simple? At the stage where you are, it may be a bit difficult to get out of the web of lies that has been woven around you, but it’s by no means impossible to achieve! So what can you do? Start with the basics; change your source of information from the rigged media, to a more independent one like Natural News or any of its supportive websites. Do a lot of self study and discover the facts for yourself. Don’t take GMO food and avoid vaccines. Instead, use organic nutrition like Superfood and Detox from the Natural News Store to strengthen your body from within.

The point is to start thinking clearly and for this, the first step would be to realize and acknowledge that the systems are RIGGED!! Then you know you have taken one step forward from the Zombie stage (where the system wants you to be) to the Awakened stage (where you should actually be). Next, you need to open your mind to the unbiased information sources and start knowing about the real world around you. We call this the ‘informed stage.’ Reaching the next two stages require even more self-discipline and practice – namely ‘Mastery’ and ‘Enlightenment.’ These are the ultimate stages of consciousness where a person is able to differentiate the illusions from the reality clearly.

While the “rigged system” is on a mission to keep you at Level 0 that is Zombie, your aim should be to break out of the web and reach the highest stage of awareness in order to sail through these tough times.

OOOPS, Did You Just Donate Money to Cause Cancer? – Don’t Cause Cancer, Cure it! Find Out How Right Now!

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