Mike Adams finally gets interview with Monsanto “Insider”

A key informant on Natural News and the pioneer of exposing lies at the deepest levels, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor of Natural News, exposes Monsanto and all of their fraud and trickery in a key interview with the GMO Scientist, Alex Blaine Layder. Layder is so bad at covering up the conspiracy that all Mike Adams had to do was keep him talking. It’s kind of like listening to Mitt Romney speak about foreign affairs, but this is even worse. This is more like listening to George W. Bush talk about Iraq having WMD’s. No proof, just lie after lie.

Adams introduces his satirical “angle” on the great farce of GM non-labeling and the rationale behind Monsanto’s perpetual denial of the facts. Adams, “Yes indeed, readers, we have secured the world’s first interview with a top Monsanto scientist named Alex Blaine Layder. (Read the name out loud, quickly.) He provides some real answers about GMOs and why Monsanto’s technology can help save the world!”
You can check out the full interview here: http://www.naturalnews.com/037382_Monsanto_scientists_interview.html#ixzz283i19IHC

Adams: “You have science that proves GMOs don’t cause infertility or cancer?”
Layder: Oh yes, and the studies were meticulously designed and carried out by my scientific team right here at Monsanto.
Adams: Isn’t that a conflict of interest, if Monsanto is carrying out its own science in an effort to try to show its products are not harmful?
Layder: How could that possibly be a conflict of interest?
Adams: Um, maybe because Monsanto has a financial interest in selling more genetically engineered seeds?

Layder: That’s absurd. Monsanto operates with the highest degree of scientific ethics and full disclosure.
Adams: Full disclosure?
Layder: FULL disclosure. We disclose everything.
Adams: Then why is Monsanto opposed to labeling GMOs on foods?
Layder: Because that would confuse people.”

The interview is so typical, I mean it really epitomizes the extent of information we are getting about GMOs, a complete void and non-disclosure of scientific and just plain laymen’s terms about what GMO means, how it changes food, and tests run for safety as far as human consumption. You know, people have 96% the same DNA structure and immunity as rats, dogs, and monkeys, yet we don’t equate that when we hear about FOOD TOXIN TESTS run on these animals that give them cancer and kill them fast.

Mike Adams has exposed Monsanto to the masses, not just the health enthusiasts that follow natural news regularly. This is huge. This is great journalism. This is the truth. GM vegetables are killing humans, animals, soil nutrients, the environment, and not just this year, or this decade, but for decades to come.

Be smart, Don’t Eat Cancer!

Find out more about filtering 100’s of chemicals, including GMO’s, out of your diet completely!



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