Terror of FDA in America; Natural News Exclusive!

One month ago, Mike Adams published the Timeline of FDA raids on organic farmers, dietary supplement makers and natural medicine practitioners.


And there’s breaking news you have to read to believe! The timeline is thorough, and spans from 1985, when FDA agents raided the Burzynski Research Clinic (he had a cure for cancer) right up to right now, just August 3rd, when a slew of agents conduct a second raid on Rawesome Foods (California). They arrest founder James Stewart, without warrant, and proceed to destroy the shop’s entire food inventory

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, of the United States of America is known for conducting raids on farmers and cancer treatment pioneers and torturing them without having any warrant. They have always been against all these people and try to insert fear among them through their works.

The FDA wages a campaign against the use of natural products and offers the big pharmaceutical company a hold of the entire market of medicines in the United States. This leads to their monopoly among the medicinal markets.

Since the year 1985, FDA agents have raided several research centers and offices without having any proper warrant to do so. They proceed to destroy all the shops owned by the farmers or other people who invest in natural products and drugs.

Innocent Americans are being forced to surrender their good businesses that would have benefited them as well as their communities because of its usefulness. The agents of the FDA have been able to create an environment of terror among the lives and minds of individual. This government sponsored terrorism against the small business people is quite unpopular among the natives but they cannot do anything because these works have full-fledged support from the government.

According to the representatives of the government, they do all this in order to protect the public from being affected from the influence of natural products like milk, walnuts, vitamins and plant and fruit extracts.

This terrific works of the FDA in association with the government of America is getting the country into deep trouble that can even force its citizens to stand against the government and its authorized body. In the name of protecting its citizens, the federal agents arrests many company owners and suppliers for distributing and selling drugs that are easily available in the markets of other countries. This kind of armed torture done on innocent individuals has continued in the nation for the past 25 years.


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