Natural News Radar: GMO cancer RATS – news gone viral on the internet, but NOWHERE TO BE FOUND ON TV!


Find out why right now:

The recent release of the first ever long-term study to examine the consequences of prolonged consumption of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) has set the world ablaze calling for an immediate embargo ON ALL THINGS GMO. I must repeat this part: This is the first LONG TERM STUDY EVER DONE on GMO! Turns out it does cause cancer, fast and via monstrous tumors! All these big chemo-tech companies breed the poison in food, deny its poison, and then sell it to doctors, hospitals and oncologists as the best way to heal this chemical “injury.”

This disease that hits every third American … this slap in the face, “march for the cure” madness that begins and ends with corn and soy that’s contaminated with Roundup pesticide and others like it. This precedent setting trial showing this GM corn strain causes cancer has attracted a torrent of abuse, especially in the United States, but it cannot be swept under the carpet any longer. Monsanto and DuPont have spent 7 million dollars and 5 million dollars, respectively, to shut down any labeling efforts in California alone, and that vote is coming up in 30 days!! California will set the precedent on labeling GMO all over the United States, and the masses will wake up to the real cause (75%) of cancer across the country – which is chemical food. It can no longer be denied, and after November voting in California, the news will jump, from the internet to the televisions in every den of the United States.

Victory for the organic movement couldn’t be bigger than this right now.

Link to the details of the study: Professor Gilles-Eric Ralini, professor of molecular biology at Caen University in France, pissed off the entire GM industry by revealing seven years of his questioning of the safety standards applied to varieties of GM maize (corn).

This study has blown the lid off of 15 – 20 years of lies and deceipt of everyone consuming unlabeled cancer causing GM corn, soy, sugar beets, alfalfa, and yes, meat and milk tests that prove hormones and antibiotics given to animals fuels cancer – well, that’s all forthcoming!

 We should know exactly what is in our food at all times!

This is no novel idea. This is common sense. When you see labels like artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, and GMO, you know you are eating NON-FOOD. Your body will have to fight to NOT USE the chemicals, to FLUSH THEM OUT of your body, and your cells will have to fight to NOT MUTATE. This is cancer. The cure is in your wallet – don’t buy chemical food. Boycott it altogether from this point forward. The proof is in the pudding: Let me tell you know exactly who is pushing to keep GM food from being labeled. These are the companies that make it, that make cancer for you and I to eat, that want cancer food to remain without a label. These are the companies PAYING TO SUPPRESS the vote in California right now. Paying millions:

BASF plant science

BAYER crop science

Dow Agro-sciences





Smithfield Foods

Sara Lee

Ocean Spray

Land O’Lakes



Godiva chocolates

General Mills


Del Monte

Campbell Soup

Bumble Bee

Morton Salt




Dean Foods

Sunny Delight (I was allergic to that crap when I was little, no wonder!)


J.M. Smucker


And here comes the SHOCKER! According to the New York Times, the following “organic” brands sold out and are owned by GMO pushing evil corporations:

Name and True Owner:

Kashi – Kellogg

Horizon – Dean Foods

Odwalla and Honest tea – Coca Cola

Muir Glen and Cascadian Farm – General Mills

They are all silent about the whole vote in California. None of them will talk to the New York Times.


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