False advertisements claiming ‘Nothing Artificial Ever’ go without prosecution in the U.S.

Organic Giant super store CAUGHT LIEING!



The food market is flooded with false advertisements, and all this is happening without any prosecutions from the U.S. authorities. If they don’t make the wrong-doers pay for their crimes, then what happens to the innocent consumers?

Information – this is the only weapon that you can hope to use with some positive results against such blatant corporate-driven propaganda to promote Monsanto’s GMO crops. So, even though you are buying whole foods with labels proclaiming that there are no artificial ingredients, you cannot trust these “Organic” Giant super stores anymore to be your one-stop solution for getting rations free of cancer causing food.


Why is this so? Well, the logic is simply undeniable once you get a hint at what is stopping the U.S. authorities from prosecuting the false advertisers. The whole foods that are being passed on to the consumers are laden with cancer causing ingredients. However, the super stores are selling them off with the help of a well-thought of promotion campaigns with quite a bit of aid from the chronic healthcare management industry flourishing so well on  American soil.

Here’s what the picture is like – after you consume these so called “not artificial” food products for a certain period of time, you are sure to develop cancer sooner rather than later. Now, there are a number of healthcare service providers waiting at your doorstep with their attractive packages of chemo, surgery and radiation treatments, all ready and set for the next patient to step in. Needless to say, these procedures don’t come at a cheap rate. In this way, your hard earned money either adds to the profits of the GMO manufacturers or the healthcare biggies.

There’s more to this nightmare – ‘U.S. and Canadian health insurance giants own nearly $2 billion worth of stock in fast food giants like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell and others.’ This is what an article published in American Journal of Public Health revealed.

Did you ever wonder how health insurance companies drum up future business? It’s  easy: Just invest in companies whose products cause chronic degenerative  disease, driving people towards more health care needs and therefore more health  insurance.

Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/028602_health_insurance_fast_food.html#ixzz295rcKfOz

The point is – we need to stay away from such stores, which go that extra mile to prove that they have
nothing but natural food products on their shelves. Or else, we may have to pay a high price for our ignorance.



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