“Get awakened to the rigged system” – Say NO to GMOs and vaccines! – A Natural News Exclusive

GMOs cause cancer, just ask the lab rats! No politician will even mention GMO or nutrition as a topic to talk about. Only healthcare – that CHRONIC SYMPTOM CARE SYSTEM THAT FAILS AMERICA EVERY DAY.


Much has been said (and too little done) about things that are out there, playing their scripted role in zombifying you. Starting right from indoctrinated education systems in public schools, to corporate driven vaccines and chemical food, to rigged media, financial and political systems – every aspect of an average American’s life has become an object of experiment where so called ‘facts’ are presented with a set purpose of attaining financial gains at the cost of health and well-being. This is the “house,’’ much like a casino house and the rule is similar as well – the house always wins! So, what are your chances against this rigged system?

There’s one small thing you can start off with – don’t support it. Sounds simple? At the stage where you are, it may be a bit difficult to get out of the web of lies that has been woven around you, but it’s by no means impossible to achieve! So what can you do? Start with the basics; change your source of information from the rigged media, to a more independent one like Natural News or any of its supportive websites. Do a lot of self study and discover the facts for yourself. Don’t take GMO food and avoid vaccines. Instead, use organic nutrition like Superfood and Detox from the Natural News Store to strengthen your body from within.


The point is to start thinking clearly and for this, the first step would be to realize and acknowledge that the systems are RIGGED!! Then you know you have taken one step forward from the Zombie stage (where the system wants you to be) to the Awakened stage (where you should actually be). Next, you need to open your mind to the unbiased information sources and start knowing about the real world around you. We call this the ‘informed stage.’ Reaching the next two stages require even more self-discipline and practice – namely ‘Mastery’ and ‘Enlightenment.’ These are the ultimate stages of consciousness where a person is able to differentiate the illusions from the reality clearly.

While the “rigged system” is on a mission to keep you at Level 0 that is Zombie, your aim should be to break out of the web and reach the highest stage of awareness in order to sail through these tough times.




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