A REALISTIC LOOK at the Health Hazards Related to GMO Products

Being healthy is one of the most common needs and rights of each and every individual. However, this right is not enjoyed by people in reality.

We think what we eat and drink is all safe and non-toxic but this is not what the truth is, it is exactly the opposite. More than 80% of the entire range of packaged food and beverage products available in the market contains huge amounts of toxic substances, which consuming can lead to loss of eye sight or other health related issues.

The amount of GMOs in all products being sold on the market is quite surprising. The big companies and food industries that sell their products on the market and maintain a monopoly over it are known for selling such harmful products. It carries injurious substances that can lead to ill health and invites several diseases in the human body. Even the pharmaceutical products that are used by humans in these modern days may be harmful for their health and wellness.

The side effects of these can be many. People affected by these chemicals can become blind; mentally ill or even develop suicidal tendencies and feelings. The urban and rural areas are not able to come up with any solution to avoid the disastrous side effects of these chemicals that may take place in the near future leading to a great epidemic in the world. The absence of clean and pure water and good food is leading the world towards a dark future for the children of the new generation. The overload of toxic materials in the environment will affect the mental and physical conditions of each and every individual in the world.

Daniel Vitalis, a well reputed scientist of this sector, who shares interesting facts about water and food, has also expressed different concepts related to various health issues that can help people get informed about the sector and be well informed about the kind of hazardous products and items they are being exposed to in their everyday life.

The information shared by the Health Ranger is shocking but helps in enriching the knowledge about the harmful effects of these products, so that people can take necessary steps to avoid these and lead a safe and healthy life.

(Source: Podcasts http://www.naturalnews.com/Index-Podcasts.html#ixzz29P92FBs2)

Plus, check out this breaking natural news story about organic farming and loss of rights and freedom for it:




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