“Red Bull” & “Monster Energy” drinks lead to Monster Health Problems: caffeine dose equal to 14 Cups of Coffee!

Got chronic fatigue? Seeking rapid energy boost? Have you read the latest FDA reports on injury and death from energy drinks? No? Let’s look!

More and more reports are streaming in, one of a Maryland girl who died not long after sucking down two cans of Monster Energy. And you’re probably guessing, she drank them real fast, but it was within a 24 hour period. Have you had your 24 cups of coffee today?

The girl’s parents say the drinks triggered cardiac arrhythmia from caffeine toxicity.

 cardiac arrhythmia

Chalk that up with 5 other death reports since 2009 associated with energy drinks.

There are 480 Milligrams of Caffeine in 2 Cans of these energy drinks. That’s the same as drinking 14 cans of Coke in a day! Still, that seems like a drop in the bucket, 5 deaths, compared to 30 million people who died thanks to FDA-approved pharmaceuticals since 1998. Where’s that report on “Doctor Oz” or “The Doctors”???  That’s 100,000 people every year! There’s a war on drugs. The war to make bad ones and make them legal and have doctors scribble out orders for all the suckers. There’s a war on drugs. The war to keep sick people sick who are seeking help – people seeking help from their chronic ailments caused by toxic ASPARTAME gum and candy, FROM MSG in their food, from Monster Energy and Red Bull. There’s the war on drugs, the one to label GMO in the USA. There’s the real war on drugs. To never believe what the media tells you is medicine.





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