NEW YORK not exactly prepared for POST-SANDY LOOTERS

Remember Hurricane Katrina, and how it took George W. Idiot weeks to send help?! Of course, that’s not what’s happening in New   York tonight and tomorrow, or is it? Of course the NYPD blue are ready. But how many NYPD blue are there, in ratio to the number of looters that are on jet ski’s, and in boats, and swimming around in the night in wetsuits, stealing?

Who dares report that there aren’t enough National Guard ready?

Who dares to tell the truth about racial inequality and “too little too late” mentality?

Who exposes the fact that the government spends too little on the people and too much on the big wastes, like war and the pentagon?

Who writes about how the welfare of the innocents is at stake, day in day out, even in the face of tragedy, like hurricane Sandy?


Natural News.

The Health Ranger Mike Adams.

Alex Jones

Natural News Reporters

Natural News Journalists

Natural News podcasts

Natural News breaking video clips!

“How dare we report the truth! In fact, how dare weathermen report the approaching hurricane at all! That’s too negative! All the weather reports should be positive! Tomorrow’s forecast is sunny with no clouds, and that’s the official forecast every day from here forward, okay?”

Learn more:

Where do you keep up with the scams, the shams, the fraud, the lies, so you don’t fall for them, or get attacked by them, or sick from them, or devastated by them?

mainstream media denial:

How is this all down played? How does the media keep it stupid simple and tragic? Nature attacks and the media reacts. Nature attacks and the government waits. The corporations fail and the government saves. The banks fail and the government saves. The car industry goes under and the government saves. But wait, a hurricane with a weeks prediction of hitting Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, DC, New Jersey, and New York, let’s wait and see what happens after, then we’ll sit around and talk about it for a week or so, until we can “see the damage,” so we don’t waste money, right???   Instead of just pre-shipping in food, clean water, organic food (a prayer), medicine, and

5 – 10,000 national guard troops, hey, let’s do the right thing for these people, after all, the aforementioned costs less than a day in the government’s precious war in Afghanistan!

But when Natural News exposes the whole charade, and publications such as The Atlantic Wire accuse Matt Drudge of “stirring up a panic” by reporting the news that Twitter users are actively recruiting “looting gangs” to exploit the post-storm situation, oh that’s too much!

Yep, it’s all Drudge’s fault for actually reporting the news. How dare journalists tell the truth about looters! That story, by the way, was originally posted at, an alternative news organization that’s routinely attacked for reporting the truth.

Let’s do the right thing …

The truth. Natural News. Untainted News. Get the scoop.!/2012/10/monsanto-writes-its-own-fda-quote-to.html




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