New chemotherapy theory unleashed in UK: If you pour poison in one end of a swimming pool, the other end is safe!

bleach chemo pool

Most people cannot understand modern science, especially when its  explained using jargon and big medical terminology. Who really even knows what  cancer is? Can you describe how it starts and how it kills someone?

Most people need information about diseases dumbed down, even though that  term in kind of insulting, it’s true. So, one more question, do you know what  chemotherapy is, because every other man in U.S. will get cancer, and every  third woman. Is chemo one of your main treatment choices, or is it INSANE to put  a chemical in your blood and into your organs when CANCER is caused by ingesting  chemicals in the first place?

But WAIT!!!! What if you don’t just drink the chemo, or inject it into  your blood, or take pills that you digest and which spreads throughout the body  anyway, … what if you just inject rat poison, or fluoride, or pesticide, or  insecticide into the organ that has cancer, that’ll show that chemically driven  disease who’s boss!! And if one of your children has a disease, put them in your  swimming pool, in the shallow end, and pour in some chemotherapy to kill that  disease, but tell everyone swimming in the deep end they are not affected,  because after all, blood isn’t like water, and chemicals in organs can’t travel  to the rest of the body, so the chemo in the shallow end of the pool will only  go after the kid in the shallow end who has cancer, and bam – you got the cure!!

“For the very first time, doctors in the U.K. have  administered what are known as “chemo baths” to patients with cancer, meaning  they have isolated certain cancerous bodily organs in cancer patients from the  rest of their bodies’ blood supplies for the purpose of directly injecting  chemotherapy poisons into these specific organs.

The way it works is that  doctors first inject balloon mechanisms into patients’ blood vessels in order to  temporarily block blood flow and isolate their infected organs from the rest of  their bodies. After being quarantined, these isolated organs are then pumped  full of toxic chemotherapy drugs, sometimes at levels significantly higher than  would typically be injected systemically using existing chemotherapy protocols.  The idea behind the approach, of course, is to prevent patients’ entire bodies  from becoming damaged by chemotherapy, which more often than not ends up  becoming their eventual cause of death rather than their cure.”
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Migraines headaches? Mercury amalgam fillings can be harmful in long run

Dentistry was the first field of medical science that was targeted by the big pharmaceutical companies to keep people ill. Previously, there were doctors who used to treat their patients with natural medicines and conventional remedies. But with the advent of modern technology, the affair of healthcare has grown up to become an industry that involves billions of dollars. As a result, big pharmaceutical companies are investing money in materials that can keep people fighting with never-ending illnesses. The mercury amalgam fillings that are used to fill dental cavities are the glaring example of this conspiracy.

Natural Newsreports that the mercury amalgam fillings are extremely dangerous for human health and cause serious illness in the long term. Though many dentists say that these fillings are safe to use, it is true that mercury in the human body can usher severe consequences. Any person who has a mercury amalgam filling should immediately take initiatives to remove the fillings. However, it is important to have the service of a professional dentist who has enough expertise on the matter. So, patients should always meet and interact with dentists and their staffs before availing any such service.

According to Natural News, a person who intends to remove the mercury amalgam filling from his or her body should keep certain things in mind. The dentist should always use mercury-free and bio-compatible dental materials that are devoid of any kind of metal. It is also important to take advice and suggestions from people who have already removed their mercury amalgam fillings. Choice of the right dentist plays the most important part in the procedure. So before sticking to one, survey and compare several dentists in order to get the best service possible at the best price. The removal process can cost thousands of dollars but the cost seems nothing when it is juxtaposed with the consequences of having mercury in the human body.

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The End of Personal Privacy: Privacy being breached by government surveillance of email accounts

Natural News has long said the government has been watching closely each and every action in the web world. Though many termed it as a conspiracy theory earlier, it is gradually becoming clear that every post in social networking sites or even confidential communication through email is being seen by the U.S. government nowadays. The biggest incident that has made much news recently is the resignation of CIA director David Petraeus whose emails were read by FBI officials while investigating a separate case.

Electronic surveillance has evolved into a state of the art technology in recent years. Surveillance equipment like ECHELON and black boxes are matters of the past. Intelligence agencies now used more sophisticated technologies to gain access directly to a user’s email account   without any knowledge by the user. The user will continue to use his account and the government agencies will continue to watch all his activities. The government can give the excuse of national security to support what they are doing but their excuse is not enough to ensure personal privacy on the internet.

It is reported that David Petraeus was engaged in an extramarital relationship with his biographer Paula Broadwell and they communicated using a common email account. Natural News reports that FBI officials were led to Broadwell’s email account through the investigation in a separate case. The FBI officials noted that Broadwell has been exchanging intimate messages with Petraeus through a common email account. This may seem harmless but what raises much concern is the FBI officials’ access to the email accounts which are protected by passwords. According to Stewart Baker, the former assistant secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, government agencies are not permitted to sneak into personal email accounts but it seems that this has been the case with David Petraeus; hence raising serious questions about personal privacy.

One blog keeps up with the EVIL-LUTION of USA food and medicine

Someone has to keep a close eye on this pioneer and master of reporting the living truth of natural news and health reports. Mike Adams has been at it for over a decade, with an on line news site with over a million followers. How does he do it? How does he write thousands and thousands of words every week that expose the core truth about health and wellness? What makes him tick? Natural News Watch knows! Get the inside scoop by following this blog site about the one and onlyHealth Ranger – the fearless Mike Adams.

By now, nearly all informed people recognize that Monsanto is widely regarded as  the most evil corporation on our planet. But what, exactly, makes Monsanto so  evil? Why is Monsanto worse than a pharmaceutical company, a pesticide company  or even a weapons manufacturer?
The answer to this question is found in  probing the virtue of the corporation in question. As virtuous people, we  expect corporations to act with a sense of fundamental human decency. We expect  them to behave within the boundaries of respecting human life, honest business  practices and reliable science. We (naively) wish that corporations would act  like decent human beings.
But they don’t. In their quest for  profit at any cost, they violate the basic tenets of virtue. They betray  humanity. They destroy life. They malign Mother Nature herself, and in doing so,  they threaten the very future of sustainable life on our planet.
Here, I  unravel the fundamental “violations of virtue” that Monsanto practices on a  daily basis. It is these things, I think you’ll agree, that make Monsanto a  despicable corporate entity and a threat to all humankind.

Corporate greed over service to humanity

Monsanto’s actions are designed  to maximize its corporate profits, not to serve the people. Its entire  seed-and-herbicide business model is designed to trap farmers in a system of  economic dependence… to turn farmers into indentured servantswho can  never return to traditional farming after their soil has been destroyed with  Roundup.

Death over life

Monsanto’s products cause death. They compromise and  violate life. Monsanto’s GM corn grown a toxic chemical right inside each and  every corn kernel. This corn is what is subsequently eaten by humans.
Rats  fed this corn grew horrifying cancer tumors as shown here:
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Why blogging about health and wellness matters!

If you check in any time soon to the articles published on Natural News, you will find Mike Adams at the top of the page, almost every day, writing about the most important, awakening, evolutionary and mind-freeing topics, including current laws, media lies, vaccine side effects, food additives that cause cancer, and a host of interviews and sources back up the discussions like no other health enthusiast and journalist on line.

Natural News is the best “morning paper” you could ever read, making you instantly aware of critical and vital liberties you are entitled to as a human being trying to live happily and healthy on this beautiful planet.

You won’t get the HEALTH truth from the New York Times or on CNN, and you won’t see much more than maybe a 10 minute clip about the truth of MEDICINE and food as MEDICINE on the talk shows, but you can watch hours on end of the truth by downloading videos and clicking on video links posted by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor of Natural News.

This blog continues that coverage and tangents on the realities presented by the wonderful journalists and reporters at Natural News. This blog feeds off of other Natural News blogs and their content, furthering the critical thinking and ongoing discussions about holistic health and nature’s medicines.

Just two days ago, Mike Adams wrote and posted a wonderful article about this blog and others like it who are contributing to the cause, the mission, the preventative cures for disease and the organic movement.

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Top 10 Natural News blog sites / fan sites

Here’s the list of the top 10  blog sites and fan sites currently covering Natural News. These are created by  Natural News contributing writers and fans, and they run the gamut of  interesting information. For the record, I don’t endorse every single thing  you’ll find on these blogs, but for the most part they are aligned with the  Natural News mission of truth-telling, education and empowerment of the  People.
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Health Ranger Update: Here is  where you find the truth about nature’s remedies
This blog site is  dedicated to keeping up with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and reporting on the  myths he dispels about Big Pharma, Big Government, the Feds, the scams, the  hoaxes, Conventional Medicine fraud, fake medicine, the history of medicine, and  much more.
Natural News Global: The Global  Remedy Investigator questioning everything that’s not 100% organic
This  blog site delivers news from a global perspective, pulling from professional  articles on matters of health from around the world. Natural News Global looks  back at history, at present-day issues and organic cures, and looks forward at  the future of health. The “global” blog reaches out to indigenous cultures and  examines how the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, uses this knowledge and insight to  add to his ever-evolving “encyclopedia of knowledge.”
Natural  News Tracker: Destroy the Myths! Reveal the Truth for Health  Enthusiasts!
This blog site focuses directly on the myths busted by Mike  Adams! What are the biggest lies that Big Food and Big Medicine lay upon us?  Which organizations and regulatory agencies are fraudulant and why? How can you  protect yourself and find the truth? Natural News Tracker expounds on topics  covered on Natural News by the Health Ranger and his cast of  reporters/journalists.
Natural  News Blog: The Health Ranger gets the scoop on Natural News from around the  World
How do you survive the twenty first century’s influx of toxic  products and toxic medicine? How do you prepare for disasters, whether planned  or natural? What are your  purchase habits and how can you change them to purchase only that which is  necessary for survival and “surthrival?”
Walk blindly out into this  world, especially the Western world of toxic food and medicine, and you will  fall down, flat on your face. But walk out into this nutritional world with  knowledge, vision, hope, and a plan, and you can experience unlimited potential,  unlimited opportunity, and a healthy life with which to make the most of it  all.
That’s what’s covered on Natural News Blog! 5.
Natural News Connection:  The On-line Health Information Highway
Big news hits at the speed of  light. How do you get your news: on the tv where they tell you lies, or in the  newspaper where they tell you more lies? How about getting your daily health news on line, from the blog that  covers the best stories on the Natural News front, the inside stories about  world health and events which can affect you today and tomorrow! It’s not just a  blog, it’s the connection to the health information highway, and the one that  reports the truth, not what keeps Big Pharma profitable.
Natural  News Watch: Tracking Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger” and Editor of Natural  News
Someone has to keep a close eye on this pioneer of reporting the  living truth of natural news and holistic remedies. Mike Adams has been at it  for over a decade, with an on line news site with over five million followers.  How does he do it? How does he write thousands and thousands of words every week  that expose the core truth about health and wellness? What makes him tick?  Natural News Watch knows! Get the inside scoop by following this blog site about  the one and only Health Ranger, Mike Adams.

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‘Proof of Heaven,’ a real life documentation by Dr. Alexander, unveils the truth behind afterlife

At a time when the manifestations of evil (oppression, chemical poisoning, Big Government) threaten to take our peace of mind away and divert us from the path of the righteous, here is Dr. Eben Alexander with his beautiful documentation of “afterlife,” reason for our being and all our struggles, in his work, ‘Proof of Heaven.’ The experiences which have been penned down in this book were experienced by Dr. Alexander himself when he went into a week-long e. coli coma, and declared brain dead by the attending physicians.

Afterlife – a highly criticized concept by the skeptic scientist community – has now been verified as existent, by a doctor who was a part of the scientific community that denies ‘consciousness,’ dismisses it as an illusion and embraces materialistic views of the universe.

The theories that Dr. Alexander has documented was already put forward by Health Ranger, Mike Adams in various informative articles published in Natural News.

Defeating the statistical and scientific calculations (97 percent chances of death rate for e. coli infected patients), Dr. Alexander’s brain woke up after a ‘zero percent activity’ week, and he woke up enriched and enlightened, introduced to the world of the creator of the universe. He describes his experiences in ‘Proof of Heaven’ and shares his experiences.

While the bacteria infected his spinal fluid and outer cerebrum and sent him to physical slumber, his soul discovered a “beyond human” world. Mike Adams covers this wonderful exploration and shares with readers of Natural News in his article here:

Earth is the ultimate testing ground

He concludes with the thought that Earth is the ultimate testing ground and only the most courageous of souls will come out of this successfully. What matters are the choices that we make in our daily lives – that will take us to the path of heaven (as Dr. Alexander experienced) or otherwise.

Heart Specialists don’t tell you this: Probiotics that target bad cholesterol may prevent cardiac problems

Experts and health scientists have always advocated for the consumption of good bacteria by eating yogurt and other fermented foods or probiotic supplements. These bacteria help maintain sound internal health especially in the gastrointestinal tract. Researchers have recently announced that a probiotic supplement can also work to prevent cardiac problems to a large extent. Mitchell L. Jones, who happens to be the lead author of the study and at the same time a research assistant in medicine at McGill University in Montreal, has opined that two doses of a probiotics daily do in fact reduce cholesterol count in the blood thus curtailing the risk of suffering  a stroke.

As Natural News reports, this study, which concurs with American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2012, is going to add new dimensions to the global health industry. The study has been conducted by involving a double blind study in humans and has shown that these probiotics can significantly reduce cholesterol levels in the human body without any sort of side effect. The study included 127 adult subjects with high levels of cholesterol. About half of them were given probiotics twice a day and the remaining   took placebo capsules. After two months, those taking probiotics had 11.6 percent lower levels of LDL than those who had been taking placebos. The cholesterol esters also dropped by 6.3 percent and the cholesterol ester saturated fatty acids were also reduced by nearly nine percent in people consuming probiotics.

Natural News had previously reported that an imbalance between the number of good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract might also lead to Type II diabetes. The probiotics might also be helpful in treating and curing these diseases. Moreover, the probiotics are also useful in building the immunity against flu virus and can even provide effective treatment for agonizing bowel disorders.