Natural News Exposes “Late” Drug Recalls!

Do Drug recalls really matter or are they just a part of the game plan?

“Last summer the U.S. Justice Department fined drug giant GlaxoSmithKline $3 billion to resolve federal criminal and civil inquiries arising from the company’s illegal promotion of some of its products and failure to report safety issues — including the hidden fact that the diabetes drug Avandia increases the risk of congestive heart failure and heart attack.”

So, a drug has finally been recalled but there’s nothing to rejoice about. The price has already been paid and healthy lives lost to chemical contamination. If you carefully observe the time it takes for USA/FDA/Big Pharma to accept that they have been wrong in allowing a particular drug into the market, you will understand that they actually have no intention of taking back the drugs which cost them millions to make, without those affecting millions of lives. And to add to that, we have lawsuits which pay off the affected person “millions” again by way of silencing their angst and sufferings. This has been the same since day one and it will be so unless the people rise up to the occasion and raise their voices against such an unfair and biased approach.

The point is, these companies are not really worried about the lawsuits. There is nothing to scare them off to stay within safe limits. They know very well that they can get out of the trickiest situation with the help of a simple ‘out of court settlement.’ Wondering how they can afford to pay millions and billions when deaths occur or people fall sick after taking the defective drugs? Well, they have a number of financial resources at their disposal and they can easily push the drugs in the market, even pay a fortune for advertising the products so that the customers are invariably led to buying those when they feel the need to.

Even the newborns are not spared from the onslaught of these harmful chemicals.

Of course, there are bogus drug trials that aid in this dirty work even more with their falsified reports which are published with ample support from ‘corporate money.’


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