Children At War! Children are the new soldiers in the fight against GMO

Every adult considers a child to be naive, innocent and an entity who is completely dependent on adults for survival. But the truth is that children nowadays are a lot smarter than before. They are intelligent and can understand the intricacies of the world sometimes better than most adults. According to a report of Natural News, the latest addition to what children can do is the movement against GMO seeds that plague the agriculture sector all over the world. It may sound amazing but it is the truth that children have taken the initiative to make people aware of the malice of GMO seeds and other harmful chemicals that are used in foods.

GMOs are like viruses that can destroy both human health and the environment. So there is always a need of initiatives that can foil the attempts of propagating the use of GMO seeds which are the main origin of profits for most food and agricultural companies. Children have added a new dimension to this war against GMOs, but they need to be educated more. Teachers have a huge influence on the life of a child so they can take the help of Natural News to educate children on the ill effects of GMOs.


If the world has to be saved, children have to be protected first. It is unfortunate that organizations like Disney are enticing children towards the cultivation of GMO crops. The Living with the Land show exhibits the latest agricultural technology and farming but most of the foods grown there are genetically altered in one way or another as a tourist guided has indicated Jill Fehrenbacher from Inhabitat. Disney has been advocating the use of GMOs since 1996 but with children participating in anti-GMO movements, it seems that Disney’s efforts to influence children has failed.



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