‘Proof of Heaven,’ a real life documentation by Dr. Alexander, unveils the truth behind afterlife

At a time when the manifestations of evil (oppression, chemical poisoning, Big Government) threaten to take our peace of mind away and divert us from the path of the righteous, here is Dr. Eben Alexander with his beautiful documentation of “afterlife,” reason for our being and all our struggles, in his work, ‘Proof of Heaven.’ The experiences which have been penned down in this book were experienced by Dr. Alexander himself when he went into a week-long e. coli coma, and declared brain dead by the attending physicians.


Afterlife – a highly criticized concept by the skeptic scientist community – has now been verified as existent, by a doctor who was a part of the scientific community that denies ‘consciousness,’ dismisses it as an illusion and embraces materialistic views of the universe.

The theories that Dr. Alexander has documented was already put forward by Health Ranger, Mike Adams in various informative articles published in Natural News.


Defeating the statistical and scientific calculations (97 percent chances of death rate for e. coli infected patients), Dr. Alexander’s brain woke up after a ‘zero percent activity’ week, and he woke up enriched and enlightened, introduced to the world of the creator of the universe. He describes his experiences in ‘Proof of Heaven’ and shares his experiences.

While the bacteria infected his spinal fluid and outer cerebrum and sent him to physical slumber, his soul discovered a “beyond human” world. Mike Adams covers this wonderful exploration and shares with readers of Natural News in his article here:


Earth is the ultimate testing ground

He concludes with the thought that Earth is the ultimate testing ground and only the most courageous of souls will come out of this successfully. What matters are the choices that we make in our daily lives – that will take us to the path of heaven (as Dr. Alexander experienced) or otherwise.


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