The End of Personal Privacy: Privacy being breached by government surveillance of email accounts

Natural News has long said the government has been watching closely each and every action in the web world. Though many termed it as a conspiracy theory earlier, it is gradually becoming clear that every post in social networking sites or even confidential communication through email is being seen by the U.S. government nowadays. The biggest incident that has made much news recently is the resignation of CIA director David Petraeus whose emails were read by FBI officials while investigating a separate case.

Electronic surveillance has evolved into a state of the art technology in recent years. Surveillance equipment like ECHELON and black boxes are matters of the past. Intelligence agencies now used more sophisticated technologies to gain access directly to a user’s email account   without any knowledge by the user. The user will continue to use his account and the government agencies will continue to watch all his activities. The government can give the excuse of national security to support what they are doing but their excuse is not enough to ensure personal privacy on the internet.

It is reported that David Petraeus was engaged in an extramarital relationship with his biographer Paula Broadwell and they communicated using a common email account. Natural News reports that FBI officials were led to Broadwell’s email account through the investigation in a separate case. The FBI officials noted that Broadwell has been exchanging intimate messages with Petraeus through a common email account. This may seem harmless but what raises much concern is the FBI officials’ access to the email accounts which are protected by passwords. According to Stewart Baker, the former assistant secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, government agencies are not permitted to sneak into personal email accounts but it seems that this has been the case with David Petraeus; hence raising serious questions about personal privacy.


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