Migraines headaches? Mercury amalgam fillings can be harmful in long run

Dentistry was the first field of medical science that was targeted by the big pharmaceutical companies to keep people ill. Previously, there were doctors who used to treat their patients with natural medicines and conventional remedies. But with the advent of modern technology, the affair of healthcare has grown up to become an industry that involves billions of dollars. As a result, big pharmaceutical companies are investing money in materials that can keep people fighting with never-ending illnesses. The mercury amalgam fillings that are used to fill dental cavities are the glaring example of this conspiracy.


Natural Newsreports that the mercury amalgam fillings are extremely dangerous for human health and cause serious illness in the long term. Though many dentists say that these fillings are safe to use, it is true that mercury in the human body can usher severe consequences. Any person who has a mercury amalgam filling should immediately take initiatives to remove the fillings. However, it is important to have the service of a professional dentist who has enough expertise on the matter. So, patients should always meet and interact with dentists and their staffs before availing any such service.

According to Natural News, a person who intends to remove the mercury amalgam filling from his or her body should keep certain things in mind. The dentist should always use mercury-free and bio-compatible dental materials that are devoid of any kind of metal. It is also important to take advice and suggestions from people who have already removed their mercury amalgam fillings. Choice of the right dentist plays the most important part in the procedure. So before sticking to one, survey and compare several dentists in order to get the best service possible at the best price. The removal process can cost thousands of dollars but the cost seems nothing when it is juxtaposed with the consequences of having mercury in the human body.


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One thought on “Migraines headaches? Mercury amalgam fillings can be harmful in long run

  1. For further infos see also this site:

    Removal of the fillings only with triple protection as seen here:

    Oxygen is very important to prevent mercury vapor to be inhaled during removal.

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