New chemotherapy theory unleashed in UK: If you pour poison in one end of a swimming pool, the other end is safe!

bleach chemo pool

Most people cannot understand modern science, especially when its  explained using jargon and big medical terminology. Who really even knows what  cancer is? Can you describe how it starts and how it kills someone?

Most people need information about diseases dumbed down, even though that  term in kind of insulting, it’s true. So, one more question, do you know what  chemotherapy is, because every other man in U.S. will get cancer, and every  third woman. Is chemo one of your main treatment choices, or is it INSANE to put  a chemical in your blood and into your organs when CANCER is caused by ingesting  chemicals in the first place?

But WAIT!!!! What if you don’t just drink the chemo, or inject it into  your blood, or take pills that you digest and which spreads throughout the body  anyway, … what if you just inject rat poison, or fluoride, or pesticide, or  insecticide into the organ that has cancer, that’ll show that chemically driven  disease who’s boss!! And if one of your children has a disease, put them in your  swimming pool, in the shallow end, and pour in some chemotherapy to kill that  disease, but tell everyone swimming in the deep end they are not affected,  because after all, blood isn’t like water, and chemicals in organs can’t travel  to the rest of the body, so the chemo in the shallow end of the pool will only  go after the kid in the shallow end who has cancer, and bam – you got the cure!!

“For the very first time, doctors in the U.K. have  administered what are known as “chemo baths” to patients with cancer, meaning  they have isolated certain cancerous bodily organs in cancer patients from the  rest of their bodies’ blood supplies for the purpose of directly injecting  chemotherapy poisons into these specific organs.

The way it works is that  doctors first inject balloon mechanisms into patients’ blood vessels in order to  temporarily block blood flow and isolate their infected organs from the rest of  their bodies. After being quarantined, these isolated organs are then pumped  full of toxic chemotherapy drugs, sometimes at levels significantly higher than  would typically be injected systemically using existing chemotherapy protocols.  The idea behind the approach, of course, is to prevent patients’ entire bodies  from becoming damaged by chemotherapy, which more often than not ends up  becoming their eventual cause of death rather than their cure.”
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