Forced vaccination is a new form of tyranny spreading fast across the world

forced vaccineVaccines have always been said to be harmless and the only way to prevent deadly diseases. A large number of people have been vaccinated since the beginning of 20th century. Whether vaccines have really been able to prevent diseases is a matter of controversy but recent studies show that most of the modern vaccines still contain harmful chemicals including mercury that can give rise to several complicated diseases instead of suppressing them. Natural News has always spoken out against harmful vaccines. This has made people aware of the situation and today, many are refusing to vaccinate their children to the horror of authorities.

Governments and authorities, who seem to be more sympathetic to the interests of big pharmaceuticals than the well-being of common people, have decided to go ahead with forced vaccination programs. The condition is the worst in Massachusetts where the local government is about to introduce a bill named Pandemic Response Bill in the house to get approval. This bill, if turns into law, will ensure a forced vaccination program on the general public. This will give health professionals the ultimate authority to carry out a vaccination program even if the whole local populace opposes it. Anyone who will pose a barrier in the process will be detained and fined $1,000 per day as long as the vaccination program goes on.

However, the method of forceful vaccination has gained ground in other parts of the world also. Natural News reports that a court in the Australian state of Victoria has recently ruled against a woman who refused to vaccinate her eight-year-old daughter and decided to feed her daughter with organic and non-GMO foods. She has been ordered by the court to allow the vaccination of her daughter.

More Natural News Blogs to follow for the truth:


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