U.S. government may force citizens to buy unnecessary things in the future

GMO cartoonIt may sound absurd but it is the truth that people in America may be forced to buy certain things that they do not need in any stage of life. Natural News reports that the government, in the near future, may pass a law that may require everyone to buy certain, unnecessary things. As it is hard to enforce the law normally as it has got a pure essence of anti-public freedom stance, the government may give the excuse of national security or another emergency in order to make citizens comply with their decision.

The current U.S. administration has also taken initiatives to curtail the weekly work hours to 30 hours per week. Though the government may put it as a measure to boost employment, the reality is that it is neither going to boost the employment situation in the country nor is it going to contribute to the economic development of the nation. Reduction in work hours will invariably result in job loss as more and more companies, who do not want to slash the work hours, will try to keep their employee strength below the 50-employee level, which is mandatory for this new law to take effect.


Natural News reports that the government in the U.S. is trying its best to curtail the freedom and privacy of its citizens. It is devising more and more ways to treat American residents as inmates rather that citizens. Each and every step of the government is designed to earn huge profits for the corporate giants. The irony is that big corporations hardly pay any taxes while small and medium scale companies often have to pay 30, 40 or even sometimes 50 percent of their income as tax.


Is your bank going to be affected?

Is your real estate office?

Your mortgage office?

Your 2nd job?

Your dealership?

Your favorite restaurants?

Is your title company?

Is your grocery store?

Is your office location, branch, franchise, chain store near that level?

How will this affect you?

Don’t believe the mass media, it lies. Politicians lie. Big Pharma lies. Health care companies … well …

What can you do to improve your health and financial state with or without being influenced and mal-affected by these changes?

Eat organic food. Take organic supplements. Read organic information and natural news.

Read this from Mike Adams about how Dr. Oz lies to save his X%^#$@ with GMO:



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