U.S. government orders huge shipments of ammo, civil war likely to set in soon

feds kill

The U.S. government is trying hard and making plans to confiscate firearms from civilians on the concept that it would protect civilians from the onslaught of psychopaths who often wield their guns in schools hunting innocent students and teachers. But Natural News reports that the U.S. government is also trying to acquire huge shipments of ammunitions for federal authorities. Many are of the opinion that the ammunition will be used against defenseless U.S. citizens once their guns and firearms are confiscated.

The government has decided to purchase millions of rounds of ammunition for the Department of Homeland Security or DHA. The point is that the Department of Homeland Security is entrusted with maintaining safety and security within U.S. territory, so it is quite evident that the arms and ammunition that have been ordered for DHA will be used against American citizens themselves. So, it can be said that the government is paving the way for unrest which is going to break out as soon as defenseless citizens are faced with armed police. The government is leaving no loose ends in its fight against its own citizens whom it had vowed to protect.


It is also reported by Natural News that the U.S. economy is on the verge of collapse and in two years, most of the banking giants like Bank of America, Chase and Goldman Sachs are going to go bankrupt. It is clear that the mass protest and public resentment that is going to grow as a result of the fraudulence of the big corporations is going to be met relentlessly with the ammunition that the government has decided to order for. However, Natural News reports that people who are aware of this government plan have already started to make preparations and stock arms and ammunition in advance.


One thought on “U.S. government orders huge shipments of ammo, civil war likely to set in soon

  1. lou sweet says:

    wtf happened to this smart country !

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