Doctors making insane surgery errors in U.S. – Natural News coverage continues

szr xray

Mistaken amputations! Cases surge in the U.S.

It may sound a bit bizarre but it is a fact that a large number of people all over the U.S. are operated on needlessly every now and then.  Some even end up losing perfectly functional organs. According to a report in Natural News, hospitals in the U.S. have excelled in the art of mixing up paper work and as a result, offer one patient’s treatment to another. So, patients are often subjected to unnecessary medications and even amputations. The problem has skyrocketed in recent years and has therefore prompted surgeons to call these mishaps catastrophic.

Dr, Martin Makary, the professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins University has stated that the problem is much graver than the public thinks. He also wrote an editorial along with the study that revealed the graveness of the problem for the first time. The study was led by Dr. Philip Stahel and was published in the Archives of Surgery. The study also revealed that such medical errors were quite common throughout the U.S. and a major part of these wrong treatments led to serious health problems for the patients. However, only in 20 percent of the cases were filed which means that 80 percent of the victims were paid no compensation at all.

Natural News reports that patients should always maintain the utmost caution in order to avoid such disappointing incidents. No diagnosis should be taken as final without a second trial. Wrong diagnosis leads to wrong treatment; so, patients should always undergo more than one diagnosis procedure in order to ascertain the nature of the illness. However, it is also advisable to avoid surgery if possible. It has been seen that most conventional surgeries are unnecessary and they result in more agony for the patients. With natural approaches to health treatment, it is possible to avoid unnecessary surgeries.


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