‘Minority Report’ no longer Sci Fi! pre-crime thought monitoring system soon to be implemented fully in the U.S.

precrime simpson

Are you thinking bad thoughts? You can be arrested for that! Oh, yes you can!

Remember ‘Minority Report’ – the 2002 Sci Fi flick by Steven Speilberg? Similar situations have already arrived in the U.S. The only difference is that the film was set in the year 2054 and this is just 2013!  New York City has already been introduced to pre-crime gathering initiatives, with the citizens harassed, scared and out of wit about what exactly they should do in order to stop their thoughts from becoming the reason for their persecution.


The U.S. is already trying out crime testing technology, according to reports from reliable sources. You can now stay updated about all this and much more at Natural News, your only source of information that has not been tampered with or manipulated. Barack Obama and his 23 executive orders have taken a toll on the value of constitutional rights and as a result, the entire judiciary system has almost lost its importance. After all, it will just take a suspicion or even whim by a police officer to arrest a person.


Natural News has taken the initiative of bringing forth the details and consequences of this pre-crime style tackling procedure. You need to read and know about all this so that you don’t end up in jail for just discussing your family issues with your trusted doctor. No one can be trusted right now. Even the doctor/patient confidentiality factor has become a thing of the past. So, all your ‘thoughts’  you have shared with a health professional in the hopes of assistance in dealing with a particular condition are no longer safe by law.

Remember – “You could be a danger to society now, and your guns confiscated without warning.”

If you go through what has been pointed out in –http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=5195, you will be able to get a clear picture of the thought monitoring system that is underway and will soon be ready to strip the American citizens of their constitutional rights.


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