Excessive use of antibiotics giving rise to superbugs

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Antibiotics have been used for a long time in order to counter even the least harmful diseases. Now, the negative effects of such an excessive use of antibiotics are starting to take their toll. Natural News reports that this unlimited use of antibiotics are now paving the way for the rise of superbugs that are impossible to control and contain with the application of existing drugs. In fact, according to Archives of Internal Medicine, these superbugs have already started to kill 48,000 U.S. citizens every year on average. The number is almost the same as the total number of American soldiers killed during the Vietnam War.

The unrestricted use of antibiotics has impacted the world in a way that was never anticipated. It gave the bacterial strains a chance to get accustomed to the antibiotics and thus become more and more resistant to the medicines. Though it is impossible to kill these antibiotic-resistant bacteria through conventional treatments, colloidal silver can prove to be effective in this regard. But the medical industry hardly accepts the effectiveness of colloidal silver and never recommends its use.

Amid this situation, a pharmaceutical company in California has decided to flood the market with antibiotics. They claim that this is a philanthropic step as they want each and every person in the U.S. to be healthy. But it is quite evident that this act is going to give rise to more and more antibiotic-resistant superbugs. In a statement made by the company, it has been indicated that their products can help people stay healthy, especially in the winter months when there is a prevalence of the flu. But the irony is that antibiotics are useless against the flu because they only work on bacteria and not on viruses and the flu is undoubtedly a viral infection, reports Natural News.


How to save yourself from mass media hypnosis? Here’s Mike Adams with full zombie protection plan

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Mass media hypnosis – is that possible? Well, the answer is a big yes! Do you want to know if you have already been zombified or not? Here’s Natural News to your rescue.

The mass media is continuously zombifying the public by communicating false information, facts and figures but Mike Adams hasn’t left hope yet. You will be able to stay informed at all times once you start reading the blogs on a regular basis and this is extremely important considering the present state of things where there is no certainty of your life and freedom. If you want to see where you stand then you can take the following test:

Just answer the following questions:

  1. Was Christopher Dorner, the alleged cop killer, burned alive by the police like a witch, with no trial by jury?
  2. How does a 50 story building collapse from a simple office fire?
  3. Why does the U.S.  buy all the guns and ammo they want to outlaw?
  4. How can CNN convince you that guns are only good for killing, but termed as “useless” for self-defense?
  5. How are you manufacturing illegal chemicals in your brain and in your yard?

Now, here are the real answers, as against what you were being told  all this time.






Wait, there’s more. When Mike Adams researched further into this issue,  he  came up with what he calls, the Full Zombie Protection Plan. And people are being hypnotized by the mass media. Don’t believe this? See for yourself:


So what’s the plan all about? Natural News has all the intentions of liberating you from the evil grip of zombie creators. You just need to follow a few do’s and don’ts

  1. Never, ever eat GMO food.
  2. Never, ever fall for fake epidemics.
  3. Never, ever believe TV ads for food and drugs.
  4. Never, ever believe the newspaper coverage of Natural News.
  5. Never, ever believe that if something is FDA approved, that makes it okay.
  6. Never, ever believe the “forced” healthcare industry is trying to heal you.
  7. Always investigate Western medicine/health advice, and try natural remedies and      superfoods first and foremost!

Want to know more? This is where you go:



Healthy Cooking Oils 101 by Natural News and Health Ranger Update:

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If your cooking oil has started to react a bit strangely of late then perhaps it’s time to take Natural News and Mike Adams a bit more seriously than what you have already done. They have been saying from the very beginning that the vital oils that are being put in your cooking oil aren’t that vital to say the least.

And if you’re expecting to find the truth in Web MD or TV news then all you’ll get is a bunch of lies which are meant to deviate you from the truth and drown you completely.

Natural News watch has this:


Do you know why the media lies about the poisoned oil that cooks your food? There’s just too much money at stake here to get all the products pulled from the market and so what’s the result? You become the scapegoat who has to be fed all the oil till the very last drop so that the corporate biggies don’t suffer losses. So, what happens to you? Be prepared to welcome clogged arteries and GMOs which will take you to the pits of bad health but won’t completely kill you – a state that will again increase your dependency on big pharma. Sounds similar, eh?

Choose your poison – Corn oil, canola oil, GMO vegetable hybrid oil.


Think about it – all these varieties of engineered oils have pesticides in them and you are actually cooking pesticides in high heat and eating that. Result? Birth defects, disruption of male hormones, cancer….


How about some Crisco grease or margarine (plastic)?


Go through the Natural News blogs for information on how to tackle these issues:


Know how oils go rancid or the truth about ‘extra virgin olive oil:’



Learn how to choose the right varieties of oils for healthy cooking:


Hospitals giving rise to nuclear waste as needless CT scans and medical imaging become prevalent

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 Brain scans are archaic and dangerous:

Hospitals in the U.S. are giving rise to more and more nuclear waste through the increased use of radioactive materials. Take, for example, cobalt and powdered cesium. Cobalt is used to kill diseased tissues of brain while cesium capsules are implanted beside tumors in order to kill cancerous cells. The radiation from both these substances is used to sterilize medical instruments. This unchecked usage of radioactive elements in hospitals is giving rise to huge quantities of radioactive waste. But the problem is that not enough is being done to contain the effects of this waste, reports Natural News.



Modern methods of treatment are also playing an important role in exposing people to needless radiation. National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement in its report has clearly stated that the exposure of common people to radiations has increased by 600 percent in the last 30 years. It has also stated that the prevalence of CT scans and other medical imaging processes are largely responsible for such a huge leap in the number of those exposed to radiation. It is also reported that undergoing two or three CT scans exposes the body to the level of radiation that a man receives standing a few miles away from a nuclear bomb explosion.



According to Natural News, children are the worst sufferers of such a medical practice. A study titled Identifying children at very low risk of clinically important blunt abdominal injuries has stated that most of the time, children are needlessly taken through a CT scan process by doctors. The study was conducted on over 12,000 children from all over the U.S. and it concluded that a vast majority of children who underwent CT scans were subjected to it completely unnecessarily. This unnecessary exposure to radiation aggravates the chances of getting infected with cancer in the latter part of life.






Natural News Exclusive: ESP (extra sensory perception) alive and well in YOUR mind, so start tapping into it!

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Welcome to the VIRTUAL LATTICE where the future is now.

Confused? Here’s more: “Suppose that, for those who can be aware of it, the future is bleeding into the present? It is making an impact “before it happens.”

Welcome to that moment before something happens, where you seem to know it’s going to happen. It’s not Déjà vu, and it’s not a wild prediction, but maybe a calculated expectation that’s got you thinking, acting differently, than the people denying they can tap into it.

Welcome to a world where you can avoid accidents, catastrophes, bad ideas, bad people and more.

Welcome to YOUR time – space continuum:

According to a recent study, the brains of meditators anticipate the timing of unpredictable interruptions, and change their actions accordingly. How do you note the impact before it happens for yourself? Is it math? Is it quantum physics, or is it something simple you’ve been overlooking and under-appreciating your whole life?

How do you use the “external” and the “intrinsic” parts of your brain at the same time, all day? Is there a way? Natural News is covering the study about it. This is well worth checking out. You may be able to switch ON both parts of the brain at the same time and tap into some ESP, instead of shutting off one side when the other comes on.

And the conclusion of the study?  – “”The conclusion of the study was that the reported subjective experience of exceptional spaciousness, or timelessness, reported by some advanced meditators, appears to be objectively correct. That is, their subjective sense of ‘now’ appears to expand substantially, and our experiment indicates that this was not an illusion.”

Welcome to the VIRTUAL LATTICE where the future is right now!


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/039105_virtual_simulation_consciousness_future.html#ixzz2L5YrPy2J

What about Mind control to lose weight?

Read this:


Natural News Watch Alert: Carelessness of health staffs exposed, V.A. hospital accused of reusing insulin pens

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The carelessness of doctors has been exposed once again. Natural News reports that Veterans Affairs hospital in Western New York has been accused of using one insulin pen on multiple patients. This has exposed at least 700 patients to the risks of getting infected with hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.


It is reported that the doctors in the hospital have been reusing single insulin pens on more than one patient for several years now. Investigation has revealed that the hospital staff has been recycling and reusing the insulin pens since their arrival at the facility in October 2010.



Dr. Melissa Schaefer of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has opined that reuse of insulin pens on more than one patient is equivalent to needle sharing and syringe reuse. The blood from one patient can get into the cartridge that holds the insulin and then get transferred into the body of another patient when it is reused.


The staff may have thought that changing the needles or the pens would be sufficient but it is evident that this change does not stop diseases from spreading. The ignorance of the hospital staff cannot be underestimating either.


A similar incident happened back in 2010 when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission penalized Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center for a large number of radiation errors while treating patients suffering from prostate cancer. The hospital had to pay $227,500 as a fine for its error in the treatment.


Many patients at the Western New York hospital may have been infected with diseases that they previously did not have.  Natural News reports that it may be a fault of the whole veteran healthcare system that has endangered veterans throughout the years. Now, it is to be seen what actions the government takes at this point.

Superfood for Superbugs, natural medicine for toxic vaccines – Natural News offers a holistic solution

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Have you heard of the new killer on the block? Let’s hear from them – the SUPERBUGS! Another uniquely fatal side effect of RoundUp – a product by our very own Big Pharma!

Thanks to Mike Adams who has been covering the issue in Natural News, extensively at that – we can at least say that we are aware of the ways to deal with these creatures which were once nothing more than harmless rootworm beetles. These insects have turned into something dangerous after being fed with abundant doses of Monsanto’s Roundup. Now, they are feeding on the GMOs and making them even more poisonous (as if the original toxicity wasn’t enough). The ultimate result is something like this – the bugs are spreading the infection that they have been sprayed with and these are finding their way into the systems of those who are feeding on GMO soy and corn and attacking your cells, your DNA, your blood-brain barrier, your heart, your liver, your central nervous system, causing you imbalance, anxiety, nutrient deficiency and lowered immunity.


Want to know who is designing these disease carriers? They are your nation’s medicine scientists. Shocked to know this, are you?  This defeats even the worse financial nightmares like the housing bubble, high prices for gas and wage cuts, super expensive forced insurance.

Superbugs have found their way in the corn field, in your food and in the hospitals. Natural News has more on this:



Even the Swine Flu has been engineered by the nation’s scientists, which causes long-term damages in children and teenagers:



Superbug infections contracted in hospital settings are causing deaths of 5,000 patients per year.


How can you resist them? How do you prepare your mind and your body to fight against all this?

Health Ranger, Mike Adams suggests Superfoods and natural medicines: