Natural News Watch Alert: Carelessness of health staffs exposed, V.A. hospital accused of reusing insulin pens

careless workers (2)

The carelessness of doctors has been exposed once again. Natural News reports that Veterans Affairs hospital in Western New York has been accused of using one insulin pen on multiple patients. This has exposed at least 700 patients to the risks of getting infected with hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.


It is reported that the doctors in the hospital have been reusing single insulin pens on more than one patient for several years now. Investigation has revealed that the hospital staff has been recycling and reusing the insulin pens since their arrival at the facility in October 2010.


Dr. Melissa Schaefer of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has opined that reuse of insulin pens on more than one patient is equivalent to needle sharing and syringe reuse. The blood from one patient can get into the cartridge that holds the insulin and then get transferred into the body of another patient when it is reused.


The staff may have thought that changing the needles or the pens would be sufficient but it is evident that this change does not stop diseases from spreading. The ignorance of the hospital staff cannot be underestimating either.


A similar incident happened back in 2010 when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission penalized Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center for a large number of radiation errors while treating patients suffering from prostate cancer. The hospital had to pay $227,500 as a fine for its error in the treatment.


Many patients at the Western New York hospital may have been infected with diseases that they previously did not have.  Natural News reports that it may be a fault of the whole veteran healthcare system that has endangered veterans throughout the years. Now, it is to be seen what actions the government takes at this point.


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