Natural News Exclusive: ESP (extra sensory perception) alive and well in YOUR mind, so start tapping into it!

galaxy (2)

Welcome to the VIRTUAL LATTICE where the future is now.

Confused? Here’s more: “Suppose that, for those who can be aware of it, the future is bleeding into the present? It is making an impact “before it happens.”

Welcome to that moment before something happens, where you seem to know it’s going to happen. It’s not Déjà vu, and it’s not a wild prediction, but maybe a calculated expectation that’s got you thinking, acting differently, than the people denying they can tap into it.

Welcome to a world where you can avoid accidents, catastrophes, bad ideas, bad people and more.

Welcome to YOUR time – space continuum:

According to a recent study, the brains of meditators anticipate the timing of unpredictable interruptions, and change their actions accordingly. How do you note the impact before it happens for yourself? Is it math? Is it quantum physics, or is it something simple you’ve been overlooking and under-appreciating your whole life?

How do you use the “external” and the “intrinsic” parts of your brain at the same time, all day? Is there a way? Natural News is covering the study about it. This is well worth checking out. You may be able to switch ON both parts of the brain at the same time and tap into some ESP, instead of shutting off one side when the other comes on.

And the conclusion of the study?  – “”The conclusion of the study was that the reported subjective experience of exceptional spaciousness, or timelessness, reported by some advanced meditators, appears to be objectively correct. That is, their subjective sense of ‘now’ appears to expand substantially, and our experiment indicates that this was not an illusion.”

Welcome to the VIRTUAL LATTICE where the future is right now!


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