Truth behind vaccines getting revealed, though pharmaceuticals try hard to cover it up

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Hoaxes and fear are big business in the U.S. and natural news covers this well: In fact, the government and the big pharmaceutical companies have always tried to propagate that vaccines were safe for human use. But the absurdity of the claim has been revealed. Natural News reports that vaccines have been based on medical fraud for many years. The history of vaccination dates back to the year 1796 when Edward Jenner, a pharmacist, injected a boy with cowpox pus in order to make him immune to small pox. Though Jenner was rewarded with a handsome amount by the king it was later revealed that many recipients of cowpox pus had suffered from small pox later in their life. The truth about vaccines is always kept from human eyes in order to safeguard the hollowness of the idea that vaccines really work. Know more at:

A recent study published in The Lancet journal clearly indicates that those who have been vaccinated with H1N1Swine Flu vaccines during 2009 -2010 swine flu hoax have a higher risk of developing a paralysis disorder called Guillain-Bare Syndrome or GBS. Researchers have said that there is an increase of 1.6 cases of GBS per one million people who were vaccinated at that time. More on this at:

While the truth about vaccines is being constantly revealed, big pharmaceuticals are trying hard to cover it up. The pharmaceutical giant Merck has funded a study in which it has been concluded that the Gardasil HPV Vaccine produced by the company is absolutely safe. Health activists have been saying that this vaccine can pose a risk to the developing autoimmune condition. But the study has rejected all such possibilities and has tagged the vaccine as safe. It is nothing but the pharmaceutical industry’s effort to cover up the truth, reports Natural News. More at:


The truth behind GMO sellers revealed

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It may be amazing but it is true that Whole Foods has announced that all GMO products in their stores will be labeled with GMO labels by 2018. This will enable the customers to know about the product they are buying. It is also reported that Whole Foods is discussing with its suppliers the probability of finding more and more non-GMO ingredients in order to produce more non-GMO foods. However, it is not possible to rely completely on a company that has been a defaulter a number of times in the past as far as GMO food is concerned. According to Natural News, it is important to keep a close watch on the future moves made by Whole Foods. More at:

Meanwhile, zombies, continue to shop for unlabeled GMO pesticide food at your own risk!
A large number of products nowadays are sold with “all natural” tags on them. The food companies are taking advantage of this ambiguous term and are infesting the products with chemicals and toxins that are harmful to the human body. Natural News reports that ingredients like aspartame and monosodium glutamate are all considered to be ‘natural colors’ and ‘natural flavors.’ Though considered ‘natural’ by the food industry and the FDA itself, these ingredients are capable of breeding deadly diseases in human body. The complete story is covered in:

Advocates of organics fight back:
It seems that people have had enough of GMOs and their proponents. Dr. Oz has been criticized vehemently by the Organic Consumers Association for taking a stand in favor of GMOs and against organic foods. OCA calls him a ‘flip-flopper’ as Dr. Oz has suddenly changed his opinion about GMO foods. Mike Adams opines that this sudden change in Dr. Oz’s attitude against GMOs is a result of the attacks of the mainstream media on organic foods. In fact, his change in stance has intensified the attack on organic foods. To know more about this, log on to:

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Monsanto sneaks trojan horse into American Food: to plant untested GMO seeds across country

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The U.S. Congress is right now moving forward with the passage of the 2013 Agricultural Appropriations Bill (AAB), also known as H.R. 933, which currently contains an added “rider” that would allow agricultural biotechnology corporations like Monsanto to bypass the legal system in approving, growing and selling illegal genetically-modified (GM) seeds and crops.

What exactly is GMO and how does it give you cancer? Here’s GMO 101:

Molecular engineers working in laboratories for Monsanto, the giant American biotech company, are gene-splicing vegetable seedlings with poisonous pesticides and herbicides so the plants are inherently protected from the insects and worms that might damage them. The majority of products Americans eat daily contain some form of GMO soy, corn, canola (rapeseed) oil or cotton seed oil. Research shows that consuming the popular herbicide/pesticide Roundup leads to the mutation of cells in the human body, in turn fueling the development of malignant tumors and other various forms of cancer.

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Stop Smoking using new “Behavior” Rituals: Replace and replenish; 14AndOut tells you how:

Are you now, or have you ever been locked into one, two or all three of the following “bad” behavior rituals; cigarettes, fast food or a bad diet? You can transition from a bad 2012 routine to a great 2013 routine, where health, energy, immunity and vitality are your new “norm.”

Cigarettes; a behavior addiction
Why do you smoke cigarettes? Is it for the relaxation or for the pep of it? Nicotine addiction only lasts 3 to 4 days, so why do most smokers who quit return within 6 months? They are addicted to the behavior rituals they have grown accustomed to doing, over and over, day after day. You can get the same results from the right herbs and supplements, without damaging your body, but who knew?

Start off with the breathing ritual: Inhale – hold – exhale … and do that as many times as you would if you with one cigarette. If you smoke a pack a day, that’s about 250 times you “breathe” that way; if you smoke two packs a day that’s 500 times! How will you replace that ritual, that behavior you’re so used to? Yoga practitioners and martial artists can train you on breathing techniques to reduce stress. You could go outside at work and practice the long inhale – hold – and exhale, just as if smoking. Every time you would take a break and go breathe! (

The same goes for the hand to mouth ritual: If you smoke a pack a day, that’s 250 times and two packs a day is 500 times. How will you replace that ritual, that behavior you’re so used to? You can replace that ritual with healthy treats like Superfoods, raw nuts, berries, cut veggies, etc. ( Superfoods aid the smoker, especially during the first 6 months when needed most, with energy, vitality, immunity and digestive support!

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Before tobacco was polluted with somewhere between 1,000 and 4,000 chemicals, anyone could quit the habit, even cold turkey without help, but because today’s premium brands have juiced up the nicotine so high, it seems to take a small miracle to cure someone of smoking. (…)

In fact, the majority of smokers light up just to feel normal, and catch a little bit of stimulation or relaxation; however, even after quitting a smoker’s organs and central nervous system remain poisoned from the chemicals for up to 12 months. This sickened state is what drives smokers back looking for relief, not the “nicotine addiction.” (

The history of commercial tobacco production in the United States dates back to the 17th century when the first commercial crop was planted. But why do the chemicals in cigarettes have so much more to do with the smoking addiction than nicotine?

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Your way out could be “14AndOut,” the all natural method to “Stop smoking in 14 days or less,” which addresses chemical addiction, behavior rituals and nutrition. Smoking makes people nervous by damaging their central nervous system and controlling their natural emotions and their motivation (dopamine and serotonin) levels. 14AndOut is an organic, balanced method with a built in 14 day escape plan with a very high success rate.

The 14AndOut program recommends supplementing with Mucuna, the natural velvet bean extract that replenishes dopamine levels and kills the cravings of nicotine/cigarettes. ( Vitamin B complex also balances the central nervous system and can reverse damage that the chemicals in cigarettes have done/are doing. (

Fast food; a behavior addiction
Why do people flock to fast food joints without thinking twice? Is it because the food products are cheap, hot, fast and easy, with no preparation and no clean up? Or does the clean up come later, when you least expect it, and involve a heart attack or stroke? It’s time to stop all that madness in its tracks. If you know the truth, then you can face it and move on. Right now is the best time to change your bad food “behavior ritual,” especially at the New Year when serious resolutions are often made. Why not make reachable ones this year and use Natural News as your guide. (

Damaging diets; a behavior addiction
How many people do you know who talk about dieting, but rarely change their health or looks? Some people bounce in and out of diets, losing 10 or maybe 20 pounds, only to put it right back on a few months later. Some people hit that “plateau,” and no matter what they do, they can’t lose a pound. What about them? Where are they going wrong? Doesn’t the famous “low-carb” diet work anymore? Did it ever? ( What about people who consume “fake sugars” or artificial sweeteners? The results of the cancer studies haven’t confirmed anything about those yet, have they? Wouldn’t the FDA tell you if artificial sweeteners were toxic carcinogens? (

What about MSG, monosodium glutamate, and its addictive power? Do any doctors, pharmacists, cancer specialists, or TV talk shows mention how artificial sweeteners and MSG are addictive and actually make you FAT? Oh, you didn’t know? What artificial sweeteners cause the most damage to your body, blood and organs? Are they part of your daily routine – like in soda, coffee or tea? Toxic sweeteners show up in most gum, candy, mints, and food labeled “light,” “zero” or “fat free.” You could easily replace them with a safe low-cal or zero-cal sweetener like xylitol or Stevia. (

Have you ever heard about or thought of buying a “juicer?” Do you know what to juice and the benefits? What if you had a juicer and a “magic bullet” or “nutra-bullet,” would your life be different if you used them every day, instead of smoking, or eating fast food, or being on some dangerous, bad diet? Want control of your weight, your energy and your beautiful skin? Eat Superfoods and check out the Natural News store which just opened a few months ago. Start off with organic health shakes and powders for “surthrival.” (

This New Year 2013, make a two part resolution that will change everything else you do in the biggest ways. You can do it. Improve your health, romance, your extra curricular pleasures, and clear your thinking:

1. Replace the toxins: get rid of the cigarettes, the fast food, the MSG, the GMO, the Aspartame, the Sucralose, the Sorbitol, the fluoride, the bleach, and all the processed, junk food.

2. Replenish the body: Find out about probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, tinctures, Superfoods, amino acids, raw foods, juicing, organic gardens and local farmer’s markets.

“No barrier now; lofty mountain to one riding the wind.” – Sho Ka, 1991

Good luck and may this be the best year of your life yet!

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The food label phrase “for added freshness” means added chemicals

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Natural News just published one of the best articles I’ve ever read in regards to covering a lot of ground and a lot of questions in a very short amount of words. I’ve been researching chemicals in foods for years and I haven’t seen a better guide and clarification than this. It’s called “Ten food label entries that should send you running” This is huge! From efficiency to presentation to preservation, the food labels and the food criminals are exposed, raw and obvious. I will use this as my shopping guide for time to come. This nails on the head all the questions about additives, colorings, BHA, BHT, what they all really “are” and their devastating long term effects on the body.

While I was reading this article, I envisioned all of the disease in America that’s overwhelming millions and millions. I thought about how so many people are so overwhelmed with choices that they’re just living blind until disaster strikes, choosing toxic food from lots of toxic places, deciding between poisons like there is no other choice. It’s almost as if the choices are snake venom, poison ivy, poison oak, and mold. “Hey, which “preservative” for added freshness is good for you today, mam, sir?” “I would like extra pesticide powder on top with that.” From fast food to bleached food to fake food, the buck doesn’t stop when these “innocents” get sick either. It just keeps going, because the medicine is more of the same. To Big Food you’re just an easy dollar that’s burning the candle at both ends. And it all adds up. Those toxic preservatives cause cancer. So where are you NOT paying attention? I’m sure you know about the MSG and the Aspartame, but what about the OTHER TOP 10 FOOD CRIMINALS?

For a good “food” example; what is gelatin? Most people don’t even know. There’s the kind like Jello brand, which is colorful and wiggles. Most kids love it. Some like it with the little fruit bits in it. But then there’s the other gelatin, those capsules that hold everybody’s prescription medicine and supplements; well, everybody except the people who know what it is. A lot of people write off gelatin, meaning they just “aren’t concerned” with a little bit here and there of something they may otherwise never eat or inject in their arm. There are repercussions from repeat behaviors that “intoxicate” your blood, your heart and brain, with just that “little bit here and there.” I believe it’s time to do more research on this:

“For added freshness” label claim really means “added chemicals”

A Natural News Journalist covers the horrors of gelatin production and distribution in a “rare form!” You quickly know that people are taking prescription meds and getting toxic jabs (flu shots and vaccines) that may contain animal parts:

“Genetically modified organisms and bovine growth hormones are in thousands of prescription drugs all over the world without any warning whatsoever. Plus, over 40% of humans are allergic to either consuming or injecting gelatin, which is the most popular hidden animal part in drugs and vaccines today. In fact, the gelatin coatings, capsules and liquid additives for medicines are not made from harmless food, but rather from the skin, cartilage, connective tissues and bones of animals, and to put “nails in the coffin,” these are NOT the grass and grain fed, free range, humanely treated animals, that’s for sure.”

You see, what kills the mold from growing on your food and what keeps the bread and crackers and gum from getting hard and stale so fast, well, those same “preservatives” are not preserving you, they are murdering you, slowly. Those preservatives are attacking your cells and breaking them down. Those “preservatives” are doing the opposite to you of what they do for the food and gum sitting in packages on shelves. Those MOLD killers and killing you. Stop eating them. Do a little research and live alot longer, healthier, without chemical food and without chemical medicine 

Small farmers can take over the world’s food supply and beat Monsanto!


That’s right, there are currently over 500 million small farmers who produce some 70 percent of the world’s food! I bet you didn’t know that.
Read this: Five ways small-scale organic farming can save agriculture from America’s ‘greed for profit’ system

Which food do you choose? Do you cheat and eat corporate poison? How often?

Natural brands betray consumers over GMO labeling: NaturalNews issues boycott of Kashi, Silk, Larabar and more!!

Did you know the rest of the food is owned by monopolies? Monopolies are exactly what our Founding Fathers warned us about. They are conglomerates of companies, of investors, or corporations which get a stranglehold on small farmers, especially the organic ones, and drive prices on food in bad directions. Corporations pollute the food so you will get sick, stay sick, and be dumb enough to get corporate medical care.

Monopolies buy out small and medium sized companies who are doing the right thing, growing and selling healthy food, untainted, not cancer causing. But then when they get bought out, that changes, and the food gets carcinogens added and still it is sold under the guise that it is still “mom and pop” or small farmer generated, like it’s still healthy, so they trick the masses.

Boycott of Kashi, Silk, Larabar, and more: Find out here from the Health Ranger Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News:

Learn more:
There are a lot of companies that sell out to food monopolies. They lose everything they worked for, besides some fast cash. They lose the quality, the integrity, and most of all, they lose control of the product. It’s all about control, and Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, BASF, and Dow Chemical have control of a lot of food, and a lot of bastardizing of food, making it toxic. They all invest in chronic U.S. healthcare industry and make money off your bad choices. Don’t make bad choices. Stay informed. Read Natural News. Get natural news. Blog natural news. Follow the health ranger. Stay informed. Here’s more on all this Big Food Monopoly situation:

Watch out: Household chemicals causing cancer while anti-cancer campaign yields zero result

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The so called “War on Cancer” was started by Nixon. It’s always been fraud. Pure fraud! wake up and smell the coffee. Learn more right now:

The World Health Organization has conducted a recent study over the causes of cancer and has clearly indicated that a large number of regular household chemicals are responsible for the advent of cancer. Natural News reports that according to WHO, certain synthetic chemicals that are mainly found in toys, PVC flooring and credit cards paves the way for cancer and other deadly diseases in the human body. WHO also recommends a ban on these chemicals in order provide a safe future for those who are yet to be born.

Though more research is necessary on the connection between some diseases and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals or EDC, it can be said for certain that these chemicals are responsible for diseases like reduced fertility, asthma, cancer and birth defects. Scientists from WHO are reported to have discovered a direct link between EDC and different forms of diseases like prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, breast cancer, neurological disorders and attention deficit disorders. A chemical substance known as phthalates is reported to negatively affect female fertility and can also give rise to leukemia in children. Bispehnol A, another chemical widely used in items of daily use like sunglasses and tin cans, is also suspected of retarding the normal growth rate of human beings by interfering with growth hormones.

While more and more chemicals are being detected with the potential to usher in cancer, the fight against cancer is yielding no result at all. In fact, the campaigns that are directed towards raising awareness against cancer have been compromised by the companies that themselves spread cancer. Natural News reports that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure campaign against cancer is now receiving funds from KFC whose fried chicken is some of the most notorious cancer causing agent in the world. In return, KFC is now selling “Buckets for the cure” and creating a false impression that their product will help in suppressing the cancer causing agents.