U.S. authorities now using taxpayers’ money for the ‘cultural sensitivity’ training, a new form of racism

border fence climbers (3)

How can you tell if someone is from another country? Is it racist to guess? what about white women? are they minorities now? what about training people to hate certain creeds, isn’t that like prison gang education? Where do we draw the line, and is one being drawn by the USDA in training videos? Who are the immigrants and who are the tyrants?

It was thought that racism had become obsolete in the U.S. But now, it is seen that racism has come back in a new form and shape in modern America. Natural News reports that the U.S. Department of Agriculture or USDA has been organizing so called ‘cultural sensitivity trainings’ which are nothing but a mere method of spreading the idea of racism among the masses. The most striking thing is that the USDA has been using the taxpayers’ money throughout in order to organize these training sessions.

Judicial Watch, the legal watch organization has released one such video where USDA officials were trained in a way that was offensive to many. In fact, there was an unspoken essence of racism throughout the training session. Many are comparing these training sessions with the Nazi propaganda of Aryan supremacy before pounding on Jews. It was thought that racism has been eliminated once and for all from the American soil but the latest training sessions organized by the USDA seem to be upsetting that perception. These training sessions are being seen by many as a method of instigating negative sentiments against immigrants who pour into the country in search of a better life.

Natural News reports that such training programs are a needless waste of taxpayers’ money. In fact, they can do no good to the people apart from spreading racism. The current U.S. administration is interested in cutting the budgets of the Department of Defense and not of the USDA which is instilling the venom of racism in the general public. The government also did not want the video to become public and this is why it took almost a year for Judicial Watch to gain access to the video with the help of the Freedom of Information Act.


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