The food label phrase “for added freshness” means added chemicals

for added freshness

Natural News just published one of the best articles I’ve ever read in regards to covering a lot of ground and a lot of questions in a very short amount of words. I’ve been researching chemicals in foods for years and I haven’t seen a better guide and clarification than this. It’s called “Ten food label entries that should send you running” This is huge! From efficiency to presentation to preservation, the food labels and the food criminals are exposed, raw and obvious. I will use this as my shopping guide for time to come. This nails on the head all the questions about additives, colorings, BHA, BHT, what they all really “are” and their devastating long term effects on the body.

While I was reading this article, I envisioned all of the disease in America that’s overwhelming millions and millions. I thought about how so many people are so overwhelmed with choices that they’re just living blind until disaster strikes, choosing toxic food from lots of toxic places, deciding between poisons like there is no other choice. It’s almost as if the choices are snake venom, poison ivy, poison oak, and mold. “Hey, which “preservative” for added freshness is good for you today, mam, sir?” “I would like extra pesticide powder on top with that.” From fast food to bleached food to fake food, the buck doesn’t stop when these “innocents” get sick either. It just keeps going, because the medicine is more of the same. To Big Food you’re just an easy dollar that’s burning the candle at both ends. And it all adds up. Those toxic preservatives cause cancer. So where are you NOT paying attention? I’m sure you know about the MSG and the Aspartame, but what about the OTHER TOP 10 FOOD CRIMINALS?

For a good “food” example; what is gelatin? Most people don’t even know. There’s the kind like Jello brand, which is colorful and wiggles. Most kids love it. Some like it with the little fruit bits in it. But then there’s the other gelatin, those capsules that hold everybody’s prescription medicine and supplements; well, everybody except the people who know what it is. A lot of people write off gelatin, meaning they just “aren’t concerned” with a little bit here and there of something they may otherwise never eat or inject in their arm. There are repercussions from repeat behaviors that “intoxicate” your blood, your heart and brain, with just that “little bit here and there.” I believe it’s time to do more research on this:

“For added freshness” label claim really means “added chemicals”

A Natural News Journalist covers the horrors of gelatin production and distribution in a “rare form!” You quickly know that people are taking prescription meds and getting toxic jabs (flu shots and vaccines) that may contain animal parts:

“Genetically modified organisms and bovine growth hormones are in thousands of prescription drugs all over the world without any warning whatsoever. Plus, over 40% of humans are allergic to either consuming or injecting gelatin, which is the most popular hidden animal part in drugs and vaccines today. In fact, the gelatin coatings, capsules and liquid additives for medicines are not made from harmless food, but rather from the skin, cartilage, connective tissues and bones of animals, and to put “nails in the coffin,” these are NOT the grass and grain fed, free range, humanely treated animals, that’s for sure.”

You see, what kills the mold from growing on your food and what keeps the bread and crackers and gum from getting hard and stale so fast, well, those same “preservatives” are not preserving you, they are murdering you, slowly. Those preservatives are attacking your cells and breaking them down. Those “preservatives” are doing the opposite to you of what they do for the food and gum sitting in packages on shelves. Those MOLD killers and killing you. Stop eating them. Do a little research and live alot longer, healthier, without chemical food and without chemical medicine 


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