Texas asks Federal Reserve to return gold, preparedness for economic debacle starts

gold (2)
The economic condition in Cyprus has pointed out to what extent a government can go to cover up its own misdeeds. Private savings accounts in the country are being raided by the government in the name of preventing an economic collapse. The economic condition in the U.S. is in no better position. The government in Texas anticipates that the federal authorities in the U.S. may take some drastic measures like the one in Cyprus to stay afloat. This has prompted the Texas government to consider asking the Federal Reserve to return the gold reserve of the state amounting to 1 billion dollars. To know more about this, click the link and get the lowdown on the domestic crisis: http://www.naturalnews.com/039746_Texas_gold_reserves_Federal_Reserve.html .

Natural News reports that as the economic situation in the U.S. worsens it is likely to negatively impact each and every aspect of the American society. Therefore there is an immediate need of preparing for the future. Mike Adams opines that the ‘Surthrival’ techniques put forward by Daniel Vitalis would help people cope with the hardships that the government has kept “in store” for them. These techniques are designed to teach people how they can survive in cities and other urban areas without falling a prey to the situation. More of this is reported at http://www.naturalnews.com/033985_Surthrival_course.html#ixzz2PK2GbvPc .

Preparedness requires days of careful planning and implementation of the plans whenever needs arise or disaster “looms.” Every aspect of life should be covered while preparing for some catastrophe. The Natural News store is loaded with things that significantly contribute to your preparedness and enhance the chances of survival, even in the most dreadful situations, like hurricane Sandy or Katrina. From organic foods to toxin free drugs, from lifesaving tools to natural remedial products, everything in the store is designed to help people stay safe and healthy. Moreover, most of these products are offered at discounted prices and everyone can afford them at http://store.naturalnews.com/Preparedness_c_19.html .


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