The D.O.D. and the FDA continue to terrorize people

robocops (2)
It may sound like a science fiction movie but it is the truth that the Department of Defense or DoD is working to develop humanoid robots that would kill people without a second thought. Natural News reports that these robots have certain biological properties, like they sweat in order to regulate body temperature, and they can also be dressed for chemical warfare. Rise of robots is only a matter of time. Soon they will be armed with destructive weapons and state of the art recognition systems. It is reported that though these robots would initially be deployed as assistants to soldiers, soon they would take up the role of a main combatant slashing and killing human beings mercilessly, and most likely on U.S. soil. More of this is at

The U.S. government seems to have mastered the art of suppressing people. Right from building humanoid robots to criminalizing innocent farmers and natural medicine practitioners, victimizing common people has become more prevalent than ever. A study into the raids conducted by the Food and Drug Administration over the last two decades clearly indicates that the government is in no mood of sparing those who fail or refuse to comply with its directives.

The FDA, for a long time, has been criminalizing those who practice natural medicine or produce raw milk in their farms, or manufacture dietary supplements. It has conducted several raids over the last couple of decades on the farms and ranches of innocent farmers who wanted to grow some food without using harmful pesticides and insecticides, like the “normal” and standard practices now in place.

Natural News has published a timeline of the raids conducted by the infamous, insidious FDA, thus forming a clear picture of the atrocities committed by this rogue department over time. The timeline stretches from 1985 to 2011, covering only some of the most major raids in the history of the FDA. Know more at .


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