What’s the difference between genetic and “inherited” when speaking of disease?

food borne disease
If you don’t know by now, you’ve been HOODWINKED. If you’ve been told your cancer was inherited because it’s genetic, your first inclination is to accept the fact that you were born WITH disease, and that all you can do is pray for modern medicine to find a cure, before it takes over in your body. Yep, that’s Western Medicine, full of hope. But what’s wrong is that “hope” in that world is based on wishing for something to come save you when they’ve already cured the disease with organic food and herbs. That HOPE is based on a 75 year lie that cancer can’t be cured with food and herbs. They’ve known in America, but you’ve been hoodwinked into believing people who went to 8 years of college to learn how to operate and prescribe pharmaceuticals. You’ve been fooled into believing in a way of participating in sick care, care that makes you feel better for a day or a week, and then brings you back for more “hope care,” where you’re sent home to take toxic meds and pray.

“Cancers develop due to alterations (mutations) in genes, that when working properly promote normal, controlled cell growth. Only a small percentage of cancers involve inherited mutations that are passed from generation to generation”
Link to this powerful research here: http://cancer.stanford.edu/information/geneticsAndCancer/

Prayer is very important, and very powerful, but needs to be combined with Superfoods, hemp seed oil, medicinal mushrooms, kale, broccoli and cauliflower. It needs to be combined with real mountain spring water, and fresh air that’s NOT polluted by city smog. Prayer needs to be boosted by non toxic skin care and Epsom salt baths in non-fluoridated water. Find dead sea salts and soak in some non-fluoridated water and cleanse your body to toxins, while soaking in the minerals of perfect health. Check out herbal tinctures from the top notch Natural News store:

Be positive and beat cancer with organics:
When people are told a disease is inherited, they are being conned into believing they can’t do much about it, but just because an illness affects the genes AFTER BIRTH doesn’t mean it was inherited. Check out this positive article about what you can keep hope alive about, instead of thinking Western Medicine will save you one day. Here is excellent coverage of this recently on Natural News:

“More than 95 percent of (cancer) cases are caused by food, drink, skin care and environmental pollutants that are ingested and warp your healthy cells.”


Top IRS official now seeks refuge in Bill of Rights even after her department’s attack on the constitution

Lois Lerner, one of the topmost honchos of the Internal Revenue Service or simply the IRS, is now thinking of taking resort to the Bill of Rights in order to avoid being incriminated. It is true that any American citizen can turn to the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights as a protection of law, but the truth becomes hilarious when it is seen that those who once attacked the Bill of Rights are starting to cling to it. The IRS under the command of Lerner has always attacked those who followed the Bill of Rights. The irony is that Lerner is now turning towards the constitution to save herself, reports Natural News. Know more on this at http://www.naturalnews.com/040434_Lois_Lerner_IRS_scandal_Fifth_Amendment.html#ixzz2U1fqaHI0 .

IRS was charged with inappropriate screening of non-profit organizations’ taxation affairs and Lois Lerner, being its head, cannot escape the responsibility. But she has decided to keep mum over this issue and has even decided to take resort to the Fifth Amendment in order to make sure that she does not spit out some uncomfortable facts. According to Scared Monkeys, her lawyer is of the opinion that Lerner has done nothing wrong and has taken resort to this strategy because the Department of Justice has already launched an investigation. Know more on this at http://scaredmonkeys.com/2013/05/21/top-irs-official-lois-lerner-will-invoke-5th-amendment-and-not-answer-house-committee-questions-on-irs-scandal/ .

It is not only Lois Lerner whose credibility is under scanner, but a whole lot of other top United States officials as well are currently being investigated. The House of Representatives filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder for contempt of court in the Operation Fast and Furious case which might have resulted in delivering almost 2000 weapons in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. Know more on this story at http://www.politico.com/blogs/under-the-radar/2013/01/house-holder-may-near-deal-on-fast-and-furious-contempt-155525.html .

This is like repeat offender criminals getting caught again, and this is why the system needs to step it up and prove checks and balances work. This is natural health news as it all boils back to how they lie and persecute organic food also. Tune in for more on this from Health Ranger Update and the Natural News Watch. http://healthrangerupdate.wordpress.com/

Fluoride pushers lose insane battle to drug citizens of Portland with toxic water

hand in water
It’s happening right now in idiocratic USA. Doctors and dentists are swearing through their teeth that fluoride is natural and good for you, but not a single one of them has anything scientifically intelligent to say about it, just that it “comes from nature!” We live in a country of idiots, who take the advice of the evil leaders, and the money hungry witch doctors who vote FOR fluoride. But finally, they lost, and in the biggest way, in a huge city in the USA where the residents, the ones who still have brains that work, voted DOWN FLUORIDE at a 60% YES! The smart people not only out voted the drug pushers, but kept their cheating ways, and lying, mendacious ways from skewing up the final vote count.

Portland, Oregon, the largest U.S. city without fluoridation!

“Portland, Oregon, the largest U.S. city without fluoridation chemicals added to its drinking water, rejected water fluoridation Tuesday in an election watched around the country.” http://www.cleanwaterportland.org/

A majority of democrats, republicans, Latinos and African Americans opposed the measure of adding poison to the drinking water, the SAME TOXIN that is IMPORTED FROM CHINA AND CONTAINS HEAVY METALS AND OTHER CONTAMINANTS. Of course, just because fluoride is “natural” dentists and doctors, the lying allopathic psycho criminals, lie about it and say it cleans the water and is good for building strong teeth, knowing there’s absolutely NO SCIENCE to prove that, even though they went to at least 8 years of SCIENCE school, though learning not a lick about nutrition or natural remedies. And why is that, you finally ask, because the glorious, magnificent AMA, yes the American Medical Association, has been crooked crooks since the “Anti-Christ” himself Morris Fishbein back in the 1930’s. Later the FDA and the EPA got on board, and we’ve been fluoridated by the Nazi Americans since 3 score and some years ago! Ever heard of dumming down the masses for easier rule? Ever heard about investment and stock in pharmaceuticals and chemo/radiation equipment and drugs? People do it. They invest in the chemical “world” and make a fortune. Many doctors and dentists double or even triple their “earnings” by investing 20 to 40% of their profits from unnecessary surgery, cavity fillings and crowns, radiation treatment, cat-scans, you name it, and they put that money in stock in the companies that manufacture the very cancer “preventing and treating” equipment and drugs that cause more of the same, more of the same that fluoride and chlorine and aluminum are causing.

Remember, “fluoride” is a toxic combination of chemicals and heavy metals:
What’s that blue-ish glow the water has? Why are your teeth and gums suffering? Why DO you need to see that dentist regularly? Is it for dangerous xrays? Is it because high fructose corn syrup and extra fluoride toothpaste is rotting your enamel? Natural News and health news advocates are jumping up and down celebrating this precedent victory (perfect case of reference) in Portland! Just say NO to drugged water!

Portland, Oregon, the largest U.S. city without fluoridation!

Mike Adams reports: “Voters in Portland, Oregon solidly defeated a city-wide water fluoridation measure yesterday, with 60% of the voters saying “NO!” to the practice of adding toxic fluoride chemicals to the water.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040465_water_fluoridation_Portland_ballot_measure.html#ixzz2U7MvbqNq

Watch the scammers scam! The fake “pink” treatment of breast cancer through mammograms

pink chicken (3)As reported by Natural News, the Susan G. Komen cancer awareness program mentioned on their site that breast cancer will strike 1.3 million women or even more annually in the next 20 years. Their research also states that more than 70% women, 40 years or age or older, receive mammograms on a regular basis. But they are directing the public in a wrong manner. They are not disclosing that their awareness program dealing with radiation funding, is projecting millions of women to false diagnosis. After all, Komen is sponsored by KFC which serves up hormone infected antibiotic laden corporate CAFO cancer causing chicken. Great pitch! “pink” chicken is NOT the cure for cancer, my friends, neither are mammogram radiation scammograms.

The mammogram technology that they are promoting is nothing but fake. A research was conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine which states that nearly 1.3 million women are suffering from misdiagnosed breast cancer as mammogram treatment is leading a large number of women astray and at the same time making them believe that they are suffering from cancer, which they are actually not.
For more information, please log onto http://www.naturalnews.com/040331_Susan_G_Komen_mammograms_breast_cancer.html#ixzz2TH6p5z6A

The money that Susan G. Komen has been collecting is used for funding perpetual mammogram radiation and medication purposes. This in turn, is feeding the cancer and medical industry. This site already raised 2 billion dollars by cheating women, all over the world. This is more or less similar to any corporate scam and Susan G. Komen is just promoting a title and color and doing nothing for the treatment of cancer. Of the whole 390 million dollars that they are earning, 39.1% goes for public health which is only related with routine screening of the women and also offering them pills.

In order to get rid of breast cancer, one needs to take measures accordingly. One can easily opt for REJUVENATE! ™ PLUS which is a sweet green super food and full of high amount of protein and RNA. One can get quality effective natural food from Natural News store, at cost effective ranges.
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Mike Adams and Natural News Covers CPS “rogue” control trip:

baby in jail
Discontent grows as CPS becomes rogue. It seems that the U.S. is increasingly becoming a state governed by rogues. Natural News reports that CPS officials forcefully took away Sammy, the 5 month old son of Alex and Anna Nikolayev, from his parents after they sought a second opinion on the health of their child. This horrific incident has sent a chill through the spines of many and has once more raised the question of government atrocities as far as healthcare in the U.S. is concerned. The local Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has expressed great concern over this matter and is quite shocked at the behavior of the CPS officials, reports Natural News. Know more on this at http://www.naturalnews.com/040261_CPS_child_kidnapping_medical_opinion.html#ixzz2SnqoNZQe .

Tim Donnelly has asked for a thorough investigation in the case. He is now demanding that all the actions of CPS should be audited by higher authorities in order to protect public freedom. The CPS has earned enough criticisms from national and international stages for handling the case with such senselessness. Though it has returned the baby to the Nikolayev couple, it has not been able to shake off the notoriety that it has already earned. This has dropped parents across the U.S. in a deep state of fear regarding their right to decide what is best for their child. Know more of this at http://www.news10.net/news/article/243569/2/Assemblyman-Tim-Donnelly-says-CPS-should-be-audited-after-handling-of-Nikolayev-family-case .

The CPS is not beyond doubt in case of unnatural death of former Senator and CPS activist Nancy Schaefer as well. It is reported that Nancy was shot by her husband who then killed himself. Till now an effort has been made to term the incident as a case of suicide and murder but keeping in mind Nancy’s role in revealing CPS’s role in child trafficking, the probability of a deep conspiracy cannot be ruled out. Know more of this at http://www.infowars.com/cps-warrior-nancy-schaefer-gunned-down/ .

How to treat heart disease with natural remedies

detox fries (2)
According to Natural News, it has been proven through research works, that fat and cholesterol are not the main culprits for causing heart attacks. On the other hand, for some doctors, who have escaped the medical mafia, like cardiologists Dr. Dwight Lundell and Dr. Stephen Sinatra, it is necessary to possess some fat inside the body. Therefore, opting for diets which are low in fat can cause same dreadful results at the end. In the book written by Dr. Lundell namely The Cure for Heart Disease, it has been clearly mentioned that saturated fats are the ultimate necessity in order to maintain a healthy life.
To learn more about this topic, please log onto http://www.naturalnews.com/040203_heart_disease_prevention_diet.html#ixzz2SW74AbMb

The fat that is accumulated inside the body is a major part of the myelin sheath which helps to facilitate neuron impulse program. Fat also helps in formation of cell walls and also for developing our brain cells. Therefore it is vital to know more about the necessary fatty acids to enjoy a better life in future. It is vital to increase the amount of omega 3 fatty acid inside our body and at the same time, avoid heat processed oil. Consuming more amount of magnesium can also have positive results.
The age long recommendation of proper diet plans are not showing any positive results nowadays. On the other hand, these have resulted in creating obesity and diabetes which might give rise to a fatal end. Therefore, it is always suggested to follow the natural routine to avoid premature heart attacks or cardio vascular arrest on a large scale.
For more information, log onto http://www.sott.net/article/242516-Heart-Surgeon-Speaks-Out-On-What-Really-Causes-Heart-Disease
The organic Chia seed can be stated as an important substance that can be used for controlling heart attacks. One can get quality products from Natural News stores at cost effective ranges along with positive results.
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Bad affects of prescription drugs on kids and the usefulness of walnuts

Just to increase the merit level of little kids, their parents are relying upon prescribed stimulant drugs which are affecting their body cells to a great extent. It is hard for the little ones to fight against such medication, unless their parents are informed beforehand. As per Natural News, the numbers of people taking the help of these drugs are increasing with every passing day. It is now entirely out of control and almost one out of five students in America is suffering from ADHD, and more than 65 percent of them are on prescribed medicines. These medicines have various side effects which the parents are entirely unaware of.
For more information regarding this topic please log onto http://www.naturalnews.com/036842_children_adhd_drugs_diet.html

In a recent national survey, the new trends of teen prescribed drugs are thoroughly dealt with. It has also been proven by a joint partnership of MetLife Foundation and Drugfree.org, that nowadays, teens are misusing these drugs to a great extent. Since 2008, there has been a rise of 33 percent in this regard. It has been proven that one in every 8 teenagers misuses some notable drugs like Adderall or Ritalin, at least once in their lifetime. It has also been proven that the parents are forcing the little ones to take such dreadful steps at such a tender age. The main reason is to improve the IQ level of their children, but that doesn’t really work at all.

To know more, please log on http://www.naturalnews.com/040146_prescription_drug_abuse_ADHD_teenagers.html#ixzz2S3LpTohR

According to Natural News, there are some natural products available which are also known as Natural food for the brain. There are no side effects associated with these and walnut is one such example. In the recent journal published by British Journal of Nutrition, it has been proven that eating walnuts on a regular basis can help in increasing critical thinking capability of an individual. It is also known as inferential reasoning.
For more info, please log on http://www.naturalnews.com/033721_walnuts_brain_function.html