Bad affects of prescription drugs on kids and the usefulness of walnuts

Just to increase the merit level of little kids, their parents are relying upon prescribed stimulant drugs which are affecting their body cells to a great extent. It is hard for the little ones to fight against such medication, unless their parents are informed beforehand. As per Natural News, the numbers of people taking the help of these drugs are increasing with every passing day. It is now entirely out of control and almost one out of five students in America is suffering from ADHD, and more than 65 percent of them are on prescribed medicines. These medicines have various side effects which the parents are entirely unaware of.
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In a recent national survey, the new trends of teen prescribed drugs are thoroughly dealt with. It has also been proven by a joint partnership of MetLife Foundation and, that nowadays, teens are misusing these drugs to a great extent. Since 2008, there has been a rise of 33 percent in this regard. It has been proven that one in every 8 teenagers misuses some notable drugs like Adderall or Ritalin, at least once in their lifetime. It has also been proven that the parents are forcing the little ones to take such dreadful steps at such a tender age. The main reason is to improve the IQ level of their children, but that doesn’t really work at all.

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According to Natural News, there are some natural products available which are also known as Natural food for the brain. There are no side effects associated with these and walnut is one such example. In the recent journal published by British Journal of Nutrition, it has been proven that eating walnuts on a regular basis can help in increasing critical thinking capability of an individual. It is also known as inferential reasoning.
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