How to treat heart disease with natural remedies

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According to Natural News, it has been proven through research works, that fat and cholesterol are not the main culprits for causing heart attacks. On the other hand, for some doctors, who have escaped the medical mafia, like cardiologists Dr. Dwight Lundell and Dr. Stephen Sinatra, it is necessary to possess some fat inside the body. Therefore, opting for diets which are low in fat can cause same dreadful results at the end. In the book written by Dr. Lundell namely The Cure for Heart Disease, it has been clearly mentioned that saturated fats are the ultimate necessity in order to maintain a healthy life.
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The fat that is accumulated inside the body is a major part of the myelin sheath which helps to facilitate neuron impulse program. Fat also helps in formation of cell walls and also for developing our brain cells. Therefore it is vital to know more about the necessary fatty acids to enjoy a better life in future. It is vital to increase the amount of omega 3 fatty acid inside our body and at the same time, avoid heat processed oil. Consuming more amount of magnesium can also have positive results.
The age long recommendation of proper diet plans are not showing any positive results nowadays. On the other hand, these have resulted in creating obesity and diabetes which might give rise to a fatal end. Therefore, it is always suggested to follow the natural routine to avoid premature heart attacks or cardio vascular arrest on a large scale.
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The organic Chia seed can be stated as an important substance that can be used for controlling heart attacks. One can get quality products from Natural News stores at cost effective ranges along with positive results.
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