Mike Adams and Natural News Covers CPS “rogue” control trip:

baby in jail
Discontent grows as CPS becomes rogue. It seems that the U.S. is increasingly becoming a state governed by rogues. Natural News reports that CPS officials forcefully took away Sammy, the 5 month old son of Alex and Anna Nikolayev, from his parents after they sought a second opinion on the health of their child. This horrific incident has sent a chill through the spines of many and has once more raised the question of government atrocities as far as healthcare in the U.S. is concerned. The local Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has expressed great concern over this matter and is quite shocked at the behavior of the CPS officials, reports Natural News. Know more on this at http://www.naturalnews.com/040261_CPS_child_kidnapping_medical_opinion.html#ixzz2SnqoNZQe .

Tim Donnelly has asked for a thorough investigation in the case. He is now demanding that all the actions of CPS should be audited by higher authorities in order to protect public freedom. The CPS has earned enough criticisms from national and international stages for handling the case with such senselessness. Though it has returned the baby to the Nikolayev couple, it has not been able to shake off the notoriety that it has already earned. This has dropped parents across the U.S. in a deep state of fear regarding their right to decide what is best for their child. Know more of this at http://www.news10.net/news/article/243569/2/Assemblyman-Tim-Donnelly-says-CPS-should-be-audited-after-handling-of-Nikolayev-family-case .

The CPS is not beyond doubt in case of unnatural death of former Senator and CPS activist Nancy Schaefer as well. It is reported that Nancy was shot by her husband who then killed himself. Till now an effort has been made to term the incident as a case of suicide and murder but keeping in mind Nancy’s role in revealing CPS’s role in child trafficking, the probability of a deep conspiracy cannot be ruled out. Know more of this at http://www.infowars.com/cps-warrior-nancy-schaefer-gunned-down/ .


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