Watch the scammers scam! The fake “pink” treatment of breast cancer through mammograms

pink chicken (3)As reported by Natural News, the Susan G. Komen cancer awareness program mentioned on their site that breast cancer will strike 1.3 million women or even more annually in the next 20 years. Their research also states that more than 70% women, 40 years or age or older, receive mammograms on a regular basis. But they are directing the public in a wrong manner. They are not disclosing that their awareness program dealing with radiation funding, is projecting millions of women to false diagnosis. After all, Komen is sponsored by KFC which serves up hormone infected antibiotic laden corporate CAFO cancer causing chicken. Great pitch! “pink” chicken is NOT the cure for cancer, my friends, neither are mammogram radiation scammograms.

The mammogram technology that they are promoting is nothing but fake. A research was conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine which states that nearly 1.3 million women are suffering from misdiagnosed breast cancer as mammogram treatment is leading a large number of women astray and at the same time making them believe that they are suffering from cancer, which they are actually not.
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The money that Susan G. Komen has been collecting is used for funding perpetual mammogram radiation and medication purposes. This in turn, is feeding the cancer and medical industry. This site already raised 2 billion dollars by cheating women, all over the world. This is more or less similar to any corporate scam and Susan G. Komen is just promoting a title and color and doing nothing for the treatment of cancer. Of the whole 390 million dollars that they are earning, 39.1% goes for public health which is only related with routine screening of the women and also offering them pills.

In order to get rid of breast cancer, one needs to take measures accordingly. One can easily opt for REJUVENATE! ™ PLUS which is a sweet green super food and full of high amount of protein and RNA. One can get quality effective natural food from Natural News store, at cost effective ranges.
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