Top IRS official now seeks refuge in Bill of Rights even after her department’s attack on the constitution

Lois Lerner, one of the topmost honchos of the Internal Revenue Service or simply the IRS, is now thinking of taking resort to the Bill of Rights in order to avoid being incriminated. It is true that any American citizen can turn to the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of Rights as a protection of law, but the truth becomes hilarious when it is seen that those who once attacked the Bill of Rights are starting to cling to it. The IRS under the command of Lerner has always attacked those who followed the Bill of Rights. The irony is that Lerner is now turning towards the constitution to save herself, reports Natural News. Know more on this at .

IRS was charged with inappropriate screening of non-profit organizations’ taxation affairs and Lois Lerner, being its head, cannot escape the responsibility. But she has decided to keep mum over this issue and has even decided to take resort to the Fifth Amendment in order to make sure that she does not spit out some uncomfortable facts. According to Scared Monkeys, her lawyer is of the opinion that Lerner has done nothing wrong and has taken resort to this strategy because the Department of Justice has already launched an investigation. Know more on this at .

It is not only Lois Lerner whose credibility is under scanner, but a whole lot of other top United States officials as well are currently being investigated. The House of Representatives filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder for contempt of court in the Operation Fast and Furious case which might have resulted in delivering almost 2000 weapons in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. Know more on this story at .

This is like repeat offender criminals getting caught again, and this is why the system needs to step it up and prove checks and balances work. This is natural health news as it all boils back to how they lie and persecute organic food also. Tune in for more on this from Health Ranger Update and the Natural News Watch.


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