What’s the difference between genetic and “inherited” when speaking of disease?

food borne disease
If you don’t know by now, you’ve been HOODWINKED. If you’ve been told your cancer was inherited because it’s genetic, your first inclination is to accept the fact that you were born WITH disease, and that all you can do is pray for modern medicine to find a cure, before it takes over in your body. Yep, that’s Western Medicine, full of hope. But what’s wrong is that “hope” in that world is based on wishing for something to come save you when they’ve already cured the disease with organic food and herbs. That HOPE is based on a 75 year lie that cancer can’t be cured with food and herbs. They’ve known in America, but you’ve been hoodwinked into believing people who went to 8 years of college to learn how to operate and prescribe pharmaceuticals. You’ve been fooled into believing in a way of participating in sick care, care that makes you feel better for a day or a week, and then brings you back for more “hope care,” where you’re sent home to take toxic meds and pray.

“Cancers develop due to alterations (mutations) in genes, that when working properly promote normal, controlled cell growth. Only a small percentage of cancers involve inherited mutations that are passed from generation to generation”
Link to this powerful research here: http://cancer.stanford.edu/information/geneticsAndCancer/

Prayer is very important, and very powerful, but needs to be combined with Superfoods, hemp seed oil, medicinal mushrooms, kale, broccoli and cauliflower. It needs to be combined with real mountain spring water, and fresh air that’s NOT polluted by city smog. Prayer needs to be boosted by non toxic skin care and Epsom salt baths in non-fluoridated water. Find dead sea salts and soak in some non-fluoridated water and cleanse your body to toxins, while soaking in the minerals of perfect health. Check out herbal tinctures from the top notch Natural News store:

Be positive and beat cancer with organics:
When people are told a disease is inherited, they are being conned into believing they can’t do much about it, but just because an illness affects the genes AFTER BIRTH doesn’t mean it was inherited. Check out this positive article about what you can keep hope alive about, instead of thinking Western Medicine will save you one day. Here is excellent coverage of this recently on Natural News:

“More than 95 percent of (cancer) cases are caused by food, drink, skin care and environmental pollutants that are ingested and warp your healthy cells.”


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