Ways in which farm bill is undermining the future related with GMO labeling

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According to the latest findings by Natural News, the Republicrats, who are associated with the U.S congress, have readily betrayed their constituents once again. They have voted for an amendment for the upcoming farm bill that affects open rights for the states to choose whether they can label GMOs or not. Even though the federal government does not possess the direct right to deal with the labeling decisions of the states but, on the other hand, the failure of the important Senate Amendment 965 can seriously lead to the future of initiatives associated with GMO labeling.
For more information please log onto http://www.naturalnews.com/040888_Farm_Bill_GMO_labeling_Tenth_Amendment.html#ixzz2Wr7GWyMg

According to the latest news by Katherine Paul, the Senate has already voted the S.AMDT.965 which is also popularly known as the Sanders Amendment on 23rd may. It clearly recognizes the fact that now every state has the right to mandate with the ideal labeling of various forms of foods and beverages. Thus, according to Natural News, individual states now have the right to label GMO food if they want to, without paying much notice to the passage of the amendment.
In order to get a clear view on the number of votes, please log onto http://www.c-spanvideo.org/vote/103296

Now, it becomes mandatory to contact the Senators regarding any questions or queries related with factory farms and also GMO labeling procedure. They have the right to vote more on the Farm Bill dated 2013. The vote can also ban the labeling process associated with engineered salmon and also for protecting honeybees. This can also deal with the over usages of antibiotics on the factory farm. Thus, as a result, the U.S farmers can easily grow their required industrial hemp. Their vote on the Sanders Amendment can support the states while dealing with GMO labeling business.

For more information, log onto http://www.foodconsumer.org/newsite/Politics/Politics/farm_bill_vote_0603130813.html

The Snowden War rages on while Miss USA contestant supports the NSA initiative

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Edward Snowden has become a household name of late and for many he is the icon of freedom. All that Snowden did was to state in public that the NSA was unlawfully gathering confidential information, private email accounts and telephone and mobile call records in order to keep a watch on the general public. But a detailed analysis shows that Snowden himself is not above suspicion, especially because of the statements that he had made from time to time. His statements clearly indicated that he was concerned about the NSA’s malpractice and talked about it with his colleagues from time to time which is very unlikely for a NSA employee. Know more at http://www.prisonplanet.com/nsa-scandal-the-deepest-secret-of-the-ed-snowden-operation.html .

While the whole nation and even several other countries are condemning the NSA’s clandestine operation to store and read confidential and private information, there are people who see nothing wrong in it. The crowned Miss Alabama, who also happens to be a contestant of Miss USA, clearly supports what NSA is doing. She even states that there is no harm if security agencies hack private information and read confidential emails as long as they do it for national security. More of this is at http://www.infowars.com/conditioning-creates-receptive-response-to-tyranny/ .

Do you know your rights? Question authority here. Research natural news and get the truth.

“That all men are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.” (http://www.constitution.org/bcp/virg_dor.htm)

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034537_NDAA_Bill_of_Rights_Obama.html#ixzz2XFeXiGmQ

The King Amendment for Farm Bill allows the “King” (Obama) chance to deny U.S. states from labeling of GMO

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A so called “rider” to the Farm Bill now allows a loophole for Federal Government to use against U.S. States that want to label GMO’s, saying they will need some special permit to even write legislation, but the Constitution says something different, and so do the all the people of the U.S. who don’t want cancer and know where it comes from. You see, cancer is for sale at the store, and it’s 50% off! Guess it’s some kind of long term special (corn syrup subsidy). The idiots in Congress, Republican and Democrat, again voted for more GMO pollution (Biotech payoffs), and more GMO monopoly of the Food Industry.

You can view a list of the Congressional traitors that voted against S.AMDT.965 here:

This time it’s a loss and a gain, kind of like when California lost Proposition 37, even though the voting numbers said no, the country woke up a little, the sleeping tiger, and starting growling. Just look at how many came out to the worldwide March Against Monsanto! A lot of people heard about the Monsanto fraud in California over “37” and then when they tuned into more about GMO after that, by the time the March came to their city they decided to go out and be seen, heard, or join the forces of Nutrition.

This Farm Bill Rider can still be denied. Although States always have the rights to protect their citizens from a rogue government that’s obviously paid off by lobbyists from Biotech Industry, States need to keep their rights in the forefront of news and food safety, especially. Mike Adams and InfoWars do a great job of covering these topics that can change daily, but the philosophy is the same: Protect your right to eat organic, untainted food and find natural remedies for ailments, disorders, or disease. Mankind was not meant to consume plants that contain bug killer and weed killer. Common sense is driving the food revolution, and it’s about time.

People like Ron Paul and Rand Paul have a great track record of standing up for food freedom and personal freedom, as expressly written out in our Constitution. It’s important to stay tuned, so you know the tricks and illegal infringement to feds attempt to use against the masses, to sell them toxic food, water, skin care, and medicine so that Big Pharma can get Bigger, and so that when the financial apocalypse hits, they will have the fortunes “tucked away.” Don’t let the crooks poison you and your family. Pay attention to everything you buy, and help make the push for LABELING OR BANNING GMO a reality in your state!

Natural News covers this well: “The “King Amendment,” an ominous Farm Bill rider that specifically seeks to strip individual states of their ability to regulate food and other consumer goods.”

Contact your Congressional representatives and urge them to reject both amendments and riders to the Farm Bill that destroy sovereignty and food freedom, and urge support for those that strengthen food freedom and environmental protections.

FoodConsumer.org has a helpful list of talking points you can use when contacting your Congressmen:

Personal freedom on the verge of collapse

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The government is increasingly becoming more and more inclined towards controlling each and every aspect of public life. It is now being reported that the government authorities are now all set to tap the calls and emails of the general people as a part of enhanced surveillance strategy. In fact, according to the news report by Natural News, the NSA has already been in the business for quite some time and has been reading emails and eavesdropping on phone calls which are certainly not meant for them. There is always an endeavor to put a veil of national security on such activities, but it is nothing more than a cover-up. Know more on this at http://www.naturalnews.com/040826_government_spying_NSA_surveillance_President_Obama.html#ixzz2WaEDcdCM .

The atrocity of the government does not stop here. In fact it is now being reported that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that is entrusted with the task of taking care of tax related matters has actually misused its powers and seized almost 60 million medical records of 10 million people in California. So far 15 IRS agents have been sued for this unlawful seizure of confidential medical records, reports Natural News. Get a complete view on this story at http://www.naturalnews.com/040619_IRS_scandal_Fourth_Amendment_HIPPA_violations.html .

So, are American people really free or are they being controlled by the government? Info Wars is of the opinion that the U.S. government is continuously searching for newer methods to control the life of the general public. This control is essential in order to keep the atrocities of the government hidden from human eyes. A new documentary titled State of Mind: The Psychology of Control aptly explores the practice of controlling mind in order to secure one’s own ends. Anyone can take a look at this documentary at http://www.infowars.com/new-film-exposes-secrets-of-mind-control/ .

Governments become more reckless in terms of healthcare, general people feeling the heat

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Governments across the globe are becoming more and more reckless in healthcare related issues. Natural News reports that a new law in California known as the Assembly Bill 499 has already been passed in order make vaccination of children against parental consent perfectly legal. With people becoming more and more aware of the ill effects of the vaccines, pharmaceutical companies were in a dire need of a regulation that would help them push their products in the market. This new law is certainly designed to exactly serve that purpose by ruling out the necessity of parental consent in vaccination. Know more on this at http://www.naturalnews.com/033629_vaccinations_parental_consent.html .

From the United States to Europe, national governments are playing an increasingly ruthless role in healthcare related issues. It is now being reported that the Belgian Parliament is all set to legalize the euthanasia of autistic children, that also bypassing the consent from their parents. Autism in children most of the time originates from the excessive use of toxic vaccines and now the Belgian government is trying to find a way to get rid of the misdeeds done by the pharmaceutical companies. More of the story is reported at http://www.naturalnews.com/040744_euthanasia_children_mercy_killings.html#ixzz2W6GKGvP8 ,

The pharmaceutical industry that has caused havoc on human life is gradually growing in dimension and gathering partners. Natural News reports that Microsoft Corporation has entered into a deal with Merck to purchase eugenics vaccines that would help in reducing the world population to a large extent by introducing infertility inducing elements in human body. Reducing global population by 10 to 15 percent using vaccines is the admitted manifesto of Microsoft and it seems that it is marching forward with its program. Apart from this, recent reports reveal that the U.S. government has also funded research for bio weapons equipped with deadly flu strains, a new concern for humanity. If you want to more on this report, visit http://www.naturalnews.com/034848_Microsoft_Merck_eugenics.html .

Attention sheeple: 10,000,000 Americans get medical records seized by IRS in California; you may be next!

Do you live in the United States? Do you have a social security number? What about an address? My last question is – have you ever been to see a doctor and they told you that your records are confidential? That day has passed. That right is extinguished. That privacy is null and void, and you cannot erase the records the U.S. Government is stockpiling, reviewing and categorizing. You are a number, not a person, in the eyes of THIS system. You are a walking corpse that is fed with toxic fuel, and when you start breaking down, you are given toxic “fix it” meds, and when you can’t handle the stress or the pain of it all, you are simply the walking dead, paying a toll at every corner. There are mandatory tolls to pay now, like Obamacare, and there are taxes on things you already bought and paid taxes on. And you are paying for an unnecessary war. Your taxes do not pay for roads, bridges and schools, my friends. And there are mandatory exams now, inoculations, screenings and microchips being used to track you and your history, because let’s face it, anything you told your doctor, knowing it was confidential, is the most prized possession for someone who is trying to control you. It’s all about control. In fact, there are only two kinds of people in this world, those who are trying to control you and those who want to empower you:

Read this: http://www.naturalnews.com/040122_control_empowerment_philosophy.html

You control your food: http://store.naturalnews.com/

You control your “medicine:” http://store.naturalnews.com/Herbal-Tinctures_c_57.html

You control your career: http://www.naturalnews.com/empowerment.html

You control your exercise: http://www.acefitness.org/acefit/fitness-programs-article/2863/Top-25-At-Home-Exercises/

Control politics by not being fooled by them. You empower yourself and others.

Don’t let what’s happening in California happen to you. Protect your privacy. Protect your Bill of Rights. Make your self heard. Shop smart. Stop eating chemicals. Stop seeing quack doctors. Call a Naturopath. Call a Nutritionist. Protect your medical records. You have rights. Get a lawyer. Stay in tune with Natural News as we all follow this natural right that you have and deserve. Natural News covers it here: “A California health care provider that purports that the IRS stole “intimate and private information of more than 10,000,000 Americans including the names and health records of prominent celebrities, sports personalities, and CEOs, ultimately affecting roughly one out of every twenty-five adult American citizens.”

Freedom of Information Act could oust Obama’s top officials; secret emails revealed!

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If you work in Washington DC for the President, what’s the best way to filter out junk mail and non-top-priority emails from your affairs? Create a secret email account. Sounds simple and seems legitimate, but is it? We’ve seen top officials in the Government get into all kinds of trouble, from tweeting pictures their genitals to college teenage girls to cheating on their wives during luxury vacations and sending emails to their friends, and then getting busted. Federal “open” records laws just seem to get in the way of politicians infidelity and partying ways, so what’s the solution?

The Associated Press could reveal some of these inner workings of dirty politicians, but now that Obama has all of their personal info and records, maybe they’re scared to act on it, after all, nobody wants the IRS banging down their front door with a swat team at gunpoint and demanding they’re medical records while taking their children away to CPS during the investigation. That’s always disconcerting. Plus, if they find unregistered automatic weapons or clips with more than 10 bullets, well, that might mean jail time.

You see, whatever the politicians are doing that is unethical, immoral, crooked, unpatriotic, treason-like, or whatever, that is what they will accuse the general public of doing, in order to keep everyone on their heels, so they won’t be accused and suspected themselves. That is what liars do best. They accuse innocents of what they are doing, and press for investigation and loss of rights. Politicians NEED secret emails, for their secret lives, for their second family that their wife doesn’t know about, for their prostitutes, for the gambling, for the hedge funds, for their insider trading violations with their investments, for their talk about how they eat organic and would NEVER eat GMO, and for any conversation they don’t want NSA prism to record, reveal, and print for the alternative media to make known.

Criminals have patterns. Over time, most repeat offenders start to think that they are so smart, and that they have everyone fooled, that they get careless, and their “standard” actions are not being watched, or that their secret life doesn’t leave clues, a trail of bread crumbs, so to speak, and eventually, they all get caught.


Find out more about the Freedom of Information Act and what it can do to expose the biggest crooks of all time!
“Under the law, citizens and foreigners may use the FOIA to compel the government to turn over copies of federal records for zero or little cost. Anyone who seeks information through the law is generally supposed to get it unless disclosure would hurt national security, violate personal privacy or expose business secrets or confidential decision-making in certain areas.”
“Some of President Barack Obama’s political appointees, including the Cabinet secretary for the Health and Human Services Department, are using secret government email accounts they say are necessary to prevent their inboxes from being overwhelmed with unwanted messages, according to a review by The Associated Press.”

“Now is not the time to allow Congress to once again fade into the shadows of responsibility and slink away unnoticed; any who do should be replaced at the earliest election.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040757_email_accounts_government_secrets_Obama_administration.html#ixzz2W6OVT75O

Big Media got busted lying about the NSA spy grid system


A massive government intelligence leak took place recently which gave rise to some shocking results. According to Natural News, all the renowned social networking Medias like Google, Skype, AOL and also Facebook are turning the user’s private data over to the government’s spy agency, which is popularly known as NSA. They make it a point to turn all the voice calls, photos, emails, text chats and also passwords of their own users over to the hands of the spy agency. According to the famous journalist Glenn Greenwald, there has been a massive apparatus present within the U.S. government which has complete secrecy over the enormous structure with one single goal. That goal is mainly to destroy anonymity along with the privacy of the people not only in the U.S. but all over the world.
For more information, log onto http://www.naturalnews.com/040692_NSA_spying_tech_companies_FISA.html

For 3 days, the Media dug deep in “hole of denial,” then got busted red handed!
Recently, The Guardian released a latest slide from the existing 41 PRISM slides which talks about the secret NSA spy program, which has cleverly granted the U.S government with the back door entry to various servers of Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, AOL and others. It clearly states that all the companies were blatantly lying to their wide customer base over the past years and recently, they are denying their involvement in this nasty work. It was the magnificent move of the strategic journalism that The Guardian allows the tech companies to dig into the holes of denial associated with their participation in the secret spy program of NSA.
For detailed information, log onto http://www.naturalnews.com/040693_NSA_spy_grid_PRISM_slides_tech_giants.html
As per the latest research works by Natural News, the spy scandal related with NSA has just exploded beyond any expectation. The whistleblower, who was behind the PRISM slides, stepped forward for an interview. He offers a great interview to Glenn Greenwald who first exposed the famous story via The Guardian.
In order to know more about this topic, please log onto http://www.naturalnews.com/040694_Edward_Snowden_Glenn_Greenwald_interview.html#ixzz2VowjpfVr

Eric Snowden drops “off the radar” and leave U.S. Government in a HUGE lurch


Google and Facebook got monitored and Snowden leaked it all to the “Guardian” causing the most havoc in the Obama Administration’s control trip tyranny yet. Now everyone is suspicious of repeat offender type of fraud, with privacy, with personal records, with private messages and texts, and Lord knows what else. Instead of the internal revenue service, they should call it the Internal ROB you Service, because they are robbing everyone of their Bill of Rights, their personal lives, and their medical information, all in the name of stopping terrorists, even when that excuse doesn’t justify DOMESTIC feds and IRS terrorizing innocent citizens who are entitled to a constitution!

Will the Freedom of Information ACT have access to everything the FEDS do? If the general public guesses that a Senator or Representative is engaging “suspicious” activities, especially by what they post on their social media,

And what does the mass media call a hero who protects the Republic and people’s rights? A traitor. A hypocrite. Treason. A whistleblower on treason by the Government is more like it. CNN is an atrocity. Everything is pre-scripted, with boundaries of what they can talk about, all pre-edited, pre-screened, and scripted. Even when interviews go awry and the interviewee begins going off on a tangent that CNN doesn’t want to expose or talk about, people like Piers Morgan, Wolfe Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are experts at changing the topic, or just asking a new question right in the middle of it. sometimes they even cut to commercial to shut down that exposed point of view they are TOLD not to let America hear. We’ve seen it with other atrocities in the news, like the Sandy Hook massacre, the Boston Marathon “massacre” and other staged, badly planned events that required lots and lots of pre-planning, screening, teleprompters, actors, rehearsals, including bomb squad and massacre squad planning on the same days in the same towns at the events, even!

Here are some clips of the DELUSIONAL REAL WORLD as seen on the news:



This time, all the mass media is on board with the NSA script, talking about whether or not it was appropriate, and whether or not the U.S. Government can use this breach of trust for some kind of “terrorist watch” they perform regularly, and the conversation has been steered conveniently away from the fact that this is all part of a Patriot Act violation of the Constitution, and is ALL about spying on the American People, domestic taxpayers and gathering data to WIN THE NEXT ELECTION my friends. This is all political power grab and is very dangerous to our future as safe Americans with rights to vote, speak, write, and own guns. It’s time to write Congress, read Natural News daily, and blog about the world as you will live your life, with liberty and freedom and the right to pursue happiness, without functioning at the cost of other’s liberties and freedoms!

The U.S. Government has many members that need to be “impeached” for this atrocity. Snowden did his job and did it ethically spreading the word. Let’s just hope this Government “lurch” doesn’t go after him in a bad way and try to end his life as an honest man who protected liberty for billions of people not just in the U.S., but WORLD WIDE.

Infowars and Natural News have ongoing, honest research and reporting on NSA:

Former U.S. attorney booked for releasing confidential documents to the media

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It seems that the U.S. government has made it a habit to dupe the general public and do such things that would make life tougher on American soil. Natural News reports that a former U.S. attorney has been held guilty by the Inspector General of Department of Justice for disclosing confidential facts about the ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ to the media. Dennis Burke, the former U.S. attorney is supposed to have masterminded the leak out in order to smear John Dodson, an agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for his criticism of handling an arms trafficking case. Know more about this at http://www.naturalnews.com/040536_Fast_and_Furious_DOJ_whistleblower.html#ixzz2UgZaUYKF .

In the investigation report submitted by the Inspector General in the Department of Justice, Burke has been directly held responsible for leaking the documents about the investigating to the media. The Office of the Inspector General thoroughly investigated 152 employees from 8 departments who had direct access to the documents and came to the conclusion that Burke was the perpetrator. However, before resigning from the post of attorney Dennis Burke himself admitted that he had leaked out the information, but then denied any further interview regarding the issue, a convenient “switch” it would seem.

The complete report from the Office of the Inspector General is available at http://www.justice.gov/oig/reports/2013/s1305.pdf .

Natural News and Infowars always bring such groundbreaking news to the general public who are always kept in the dark by government authorities. There are many such news articles that the U.S. government does not want the public to know, however health rangers are always relentless in their effort to bring the truth out of the cover. If you need to know what is really happening in the American society you may log on to http://www.infowars.com/ or the Natural News website.