The growing hypocrisy of the healthcare sector falling heavy on the U.S. citizens

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The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, as it has come to be termed, was anticipated to make healthcare in the U.S. more affordable. But, on the contrary, it is seen that it has made healthcare not only more expensive but is actually a clever plan to squeeze money out of the general people. Natural News reports that the new act would force insurance companies to bring more and more people under their service, thus compelling them to raise the premium rates and charge high deductibles. It is estimated that patients can end up paying up to 30 percent from their pockets for expensive treatments. To know more on this, log on to .

In fact the life of Americans has come to such a stage where they are forced to eat GMO foods, fall sick and take toxic medicines and die early. It is a clever plot devised by the government, food corporations and pharmaceutical companies in order to continue to be in a state of profit. According to Natural News the health care cost in America is likely to triple by 2018 thus making the Affordable Care Act nothing more than a mere eyewash. More of this is reported at .

The hypocrisy does not end here, but has in fact extended to every other aspect of life. The Center for Disease Control, or the CDC as it is better known, has published a novella indicating what needs to be done in emergency situations. It suggests American citizens gather relevant papers, batteries, flashlights, medicines, food materials and some other important stuff and head for the FEMA center if any catastrophe like a zombie pandemic strikes the U.S. However, quite strikingly there is no mention of guns or weapons that, according to Natural News, are the best method to keep zombies away. More on this is at .


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