Pesticides and Genetically Modified Seeds lead to unprecedented death of bees in US

gmo (2)
One of the prime reasons why there has been a considerable decline in the bee population is due to the use of GMO. These are indigestible foods and adversely affect the digestive order of the bees. Whilst the ecological effect of the bee deaths are yet to be determined, economically they pose great problems for North US Colonies. This is leading us to inflation and a gradual collapse of the agricultural system in North America. According to reports revealed in Natural News, one third of ALL the bee colonies in this part of America have been destroyed. The death of bees, however, is not a new phenomenon. It has been happening since 2006 and no strict measures have been adopted to fight it. What experts say is this deadlock situation might lead to a complete collapse of food system.

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The last Winter Survey 2012-2013 carried out by Bee Informed Partnership indicates the fact that the honey bee colony losses have drastically shot up.

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Besides this, the other problems ascribed to this condition are the use of pesticides and the collapse of the colony systems. However, the recent researches carried out by USDA, no more blame the latter for this loss. According to them the bees are dying for several other reasons. Even if this problem is fixed even then the bees would die. A report published by Global Research in March 2008 had pointed out that it is the use of genetically modified seeds that have lead to poor conditions of the bees. It had also been suggested then that use of organic ways of farming will restore the bee population.

What remains to be seen, though, is when the US government will address this serious issue and tread the path towards its recovery.


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