The Fraudulent Ways of Obama Government And IRS

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The IRS has, since its inception, been used by the U.S. government to cover up its disgraceful political acts. This practice has continued for years and is still in vogue with President Obama in the White House. But this time the cat has been “let out” by people of his own party. Yes there are several Democratic Leaders who have spoken against the Obama administration. It is a known fact that the IRS was utilized to carry out inappropriate audits on the conservatives. This was a result of the criticisms meted out to the Federal govt. by these non-profit organizations. In return the IRS pressured the organization to reveal the names of the people associated with them in the case.

However, this is not an isolated case that reveals the malpractices of IRS and the US govt. As per the reports of Natural News, the IRS has always abused its power for the federal govt. In fact there are past records of several cases where this organization was involved in crooked dealings. This time it has landed itself in really “bad soup.” The condition has further worsened because of the mass coverage by the media.

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The attitude of the White house and the President has not helped either. The complacent attitude of the White House PR has complicated the situation further for Mr. Obama. According to the statement made to by Vernon Jordan, an important advisor to Bill Clinton, it is time Obama took measures to control the damage made by the IRS controversy. He is a leader and now is the time when his leadership has been put to stringent of tests. To add salt to the wound the Obama administration is looking forward to enforce the health care introduced by the President from January 2014.

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