The vaccination phenomenon seems to be unending; Natural News Watch reports

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The United States of America is an amazing land, amazing not only because of its people and its natural wealth but, also because of its government. In spite of the fact that vaccines have killed and continue to kill a large number of children every year, the U.S government does not seem to lose affinity towards vaccines. Natural News reports that multiple vaccination, so widely practiced in the U.S. is largely responsible for the death of a large number of children. According to the latest report compiled by the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System more than 145,000 children have died in the last 20 years due to multiple vaccine doses. Know more of this at .

The vaccination phenomenon seems to be unending in the United States. Take for example the Gardasil HPV vaccines. Gardasil is a drug that is supposed to counter the risks of cervical cancer in women. In spite of increasing health hazards due to the use of Gardasil, this drug is being continuously used on young girls. It is now revealed that 1,824 reports on adverse effects of Gardasil have been recorded till 2007, the number is much higher by now. But, the government does not seem to be at all concerned about the toll Gardasil is taking on human life. More on this is at .

The healthcare industry seems to have taken a no-compromise stance in favor of vaccines. Natural News reports that nurses who are refusing to take flu vaccines are now being illegally fired by their employers that i.e. hospitals and health clinics. It is reported that a hospital in Indiana has terminated many nurses who refused to be vaccinated with toxic, chemical laden flu vaccines. Though this is a direct breach of the Civil Rights Act and the state law, the government has so far turned a blind eye to the incident. In order to know more on this, visit .


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