Eric Snowden drops “off the radar” and leave U.S. Government in a HUGE lurch


Google and Facebook got monitored and Snowden leaked it all to the “Guardian” causing the most havoc in the Obama Administration’s control trip tyranny yet. Now everyone is suspicious of repeat offender type of fraud, with privacy, with personal records, with private messages and texts, and Lord knows what else. Instead of the internal revenue service, they should call it the Internal ROB you Service, because they are robbing everyone of their Bill of Rights, their personal lives, and their medical information, all in the name of stopping terrorists, even when that excuse doesn’t justify DOMESTIC feds and IRS terrorizing innocent citizens who are entitled to a constitution!

Will the Freedom of Information ACT have access to everything the FEDS do? If the general public guesses that a Senator or Representative is engaging “suspicious” activities, especially by what they post on their social media,

And what does the mass media call a hero who protects the Republic and people’s rights? A traitor. A hypocrite. Treason. A whistleblower on treason by the Government is more like it. CNN is an atrocity. Everything is pre-scripted, with boundaries of what they can talk about, all pre-edited, pre-screened, and scripted. Even when interviews go awry and the interviewee begins going off on a tangent that CNN doesn’t want to expose or talk about, people like Piers Morgan, Wolfe Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are experts at changing the topic, or just asking a new question right in the middle of it. sometimes they even cut to commercial to shut down that exposed point of view they are TOLD not to let America hear. We’ve seen it with other atrocities in the news, like the Sandy Hook massacre, the Boston Marathon “massacre” and other staged, badly planned events that required lots and lots of pre-planning, screening, teleprompters, actors, rehearsals, including bomb squad and massacre squad planning on the same days in the same towns at the events, even!

Here are some clips of the DELUSIONAL REAL WORLD as seen on the news:

This time, all the mass media is on board with the NSA script, talking about whether or not it was appropriate, and whether or not the U.S. Government can use this breach of trust for some kind of “terrorist watch” they perform regularly, and the conversation has been steered conveniently away from the fact that this is all part of a Patriot Act violation of the Constitution, and is ALL about spying on the American People, domestic taxpayers and gathering data to WIN THE NEXT ELECTION my friends. This is all political power grab and is very dangerous to our future as safe Americans with rights to vote, speak, write, and own guns. It’s time to write Congress, read Natural News daily, and blog about the world as you will live your life, with liberty and freedom and the right to pursue happiness, without functioning at the cost of other’s liberties and freedoms!

The U.S. Government has many members that need to be “impeached” for this atrocity. Snowden did his job and did it ethically spreading the word. Let’s just hope this Government “lurch” doesn’t go after him in a bad way and try to end his life as an honest man who protected liberty for billions of people not just in the U.S., but WORLD WIDE.

Infowars and Natural News have ongoing, honest research and reporting on NSA:


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