Big Media got busted lying about the NSA spy grid system


A massive government intelligence leak took place recently which gave rise to some shocking results. According to Natural News, all the renowned social networking Medias like Google, Skype, AOL and also Facebook are turning the user’s private data over to the government’s spy agency, which is popularly known as NSA. They make it a point to turn all the voice calls, photos, emails, text chats and also passwords of their own users over to the hands of the spy agency. According to the famous journalist Glenn Greenwald, there has been a massive apparatus present within the U.S. government which has complete secrecy over the enormous structure with one single goal. That goal is mainly to destroy anonymity along with the privacy of the people not only in the U.S. but all over the world.
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For 3 days, the Media dug deep in “hole of denial,” then got busted red handed!
Recently, The Guardian released a latest slide from the existing 41 PRISM slides which talks about the secret NSA spy program, which has cleverly granted the U.S government with the back door entry to various servers of Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, AOL and others. It clearly states that all the companies were blatantly lying to their wide customer base over the past years and recently, they are denying their involvement in this nasty work. It was the magnificent move of the strategic journalism that The Guardian allows the tech companies to dig into the holes of denial associated with their participation in the secret spy program of NSA.
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As per the latest research works by Natural News, the spy scandal related with NSA has just exploded beyond any expectation. The whistleblower, who was behind the PRISM slides, stepped forward for an interview. He offers a great interview to Glenn Greenwald who first exposed the famous story via The Guardian.
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